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Regis University's Accelerated BSN Jan 2014 Applicants

  1. 0 I wanted to start a topic for those applying to Regis' absn program with the January 2014 start. Since the June 15th application deadline is fast approaching, lets keep one another up to date on when we hear and who is interviewing.

    I submitted my application in late March, giving myself plenty of time to decompress over the stress of it. Now, with days remaining, the anticipation of finding out anything is getting the best of me.

    How do you all feel?
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    Hi! Thanks for starting the thread! I submitted my application and wish I was ready to relax but still have one more school to apply to here before next Friday! Bleh!

    I worked pretty hard on my essay so I hope that merits my application a bit more! Let stay in touch!
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    Where else are you applying? Did you receive an email from Regis this week about receiving and reviewing your applications? I figured out that if they did receive 300 apps for Jan, then we have about a 26% chance of getting in. Fingers crossed!
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    Nope I got no such email.. did you?

    If so, that makes me nervous! I turned my application in on June 13th!

    I applied to CU and I am applying to Samuel Merritt University here in the Bay Area
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    I did, but submitted my app back in March.

    CU is an amazing program I have heard nothing but good things about. I would have applied there too, but I graduated the first time in 2004, which put some of my classes beyond the 10 year time limit they have. I didn't want to have to take all those basic classes over again!

    I'm sure you will hear from Regis about having received your app soon. I bet it was only that you were so close to the deadline that you weren't on the email list yet. The email was basically this:

    "....Your application has been received and verified by NursingCAS. We also see that all materials have been submitted and your application is considered complete!
    What's next?
    We are currently in the process of reviewing completed applications and we will be inviting our top candidates to interview for the program during the last week of July..."

    Good Luck!
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    Got ya! Yeah I called nursingCAS and there was an error with my transcripts when they were. Hopefully all will be well! Best of luck to you! Lets stay in touch!
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    *when they were processing them.
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    Has anyone heard about interviews? I'm guessing I did not make the cut, but just wanted to know for sure...

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    Hi. I haven't heard yet. I was beginning to wonder as well.
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    I haven't heard anything either - I spoke with an advisor on the phone a few weeks ago and she said not to expect anything until the end of July
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    Whew! Thank you for letting us know! We are all still in the running then. Yay! Good luck everyone.
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    Hi there, I've applied for Jan 2014 start as well and received an e-mail a week or so ago saying Regis is no longer doing interviews. Did anyone else get this too?
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    I got the same email. Just found it today in my junk email. It stated that they will still be making selections within a 6-8 week period from the end of the application. From my count that is the second week in August.