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This is my second time around in applying to Regis and got asked to interview in a week and a half. Was wondering if anyone else is in the boat with me??? My interview is on July 28th. I would love to hear input from everyone... Read More

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    Does anyone know how the alternative list works? Also, how many people they choose for the alternative list?

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    Quote from SON14
    Does anyone know how the alternative list works? Also, how many people they choose for the alternative list?
    It is 45 people... When someone asked in our session during the light lunch if they will share where they are ranked if on the alternate list, they said no. They did stress that everyone should continue to take their pre-reqs if they are on the alternate list. Good Luck!
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    They said that there isn't really a numbered list but that they re-evaluate each alternate candidate when someone declines their acceptance.
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    I started a thread for accepted folks out there...
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    Hi! So I still haven't received my letter, but I had a question for all of you... if you were accepted did you have all prereqs done? Or are any of you still working on them and if so how many?
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    Have you checked your email?
    I had all but the religious studies and health ethics prereqs done.
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    Yes I have and nothing yet... hope that isn't a sign. But okay that is where I am sitting at. I am halfway through developmental psych and If they count one of my religion courses from college then I would only need one more as well as the healthcare ethics
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    So i'm a little confused.... Did everyone who has heard back from Regis get an email along with a paper response?
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    I received an email but nothing in the mail yet. Jamie said that the letters went out pretty late on Friday so she wouldn't be surprised if we don't start receiving them until today.
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    I received an email stating that I am accepted as an alternate and that a letter with a description was mailed out Friday the 18th. I'm guessing you get both an email and a letter. I also received information on how to register for healthcare ethics. If you have not received anything I highly suggest you give admissions a phone call.

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