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This is my second time around in applying to Regis and got asked to interview in a week and a half. Was wondering if anyone else is in the boat with me??? My interview is on July 28th. I would love to hear input from everyone... Read More

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    Quote from jomalu
    Does anyone know when the program starts for Spring 2012? I couldn't find it on the Internet.
    At the information meeting after my interview I believe she said it started around January 9th.

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    So I have been following this string since late July and I want to thank everyone who replied to this string. I just found out that I got accepted and I think we should start some kind of facebook page or whatnot so that we can start to get to know each other. Let me know what everyone thinks! WOOHOO!
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    Congrats Katie873. I got accepted as an alternative but I am still hopeful I can get in. Good luck everyone.
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    I just found out that i got accepted to the accelerated program! i also got into the program at CU denver so i'm not sure what i'm going to do yet! regis is a lot more expensive, but the program is also shorter. such a hard decision! congrats to everyone else who was accepted and good luck to those of you that are alternates! i'll keep my fingers crossed for you
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    Congrats Amelia422. It is a hard decision, but at least you have options. Good luck on your decision. They are both great schools and UC Denver is ranked one of the top nursing schools. Im still waiting to hear back from Rochester.
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    I was accepted as an alternate also. Not what I was hoping for but you never know I might still get in. I am re-applying for May entrance just in case. Good luck to you all!
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    I am an alternate too...well hopefully some spots will be open soon for us! For those of you accepted when must your decision be made?
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    we have to send in our deposit by september 2nd! i think i am going to end up going to CU just because of the price difference, so that will open up one spot! good luck everyone!!!
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    Haha thanks Amelia422 us alternates will be happy to get a chance. I hear the CU program is amazing congrats on getting into both programs!
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    Congratulations to everyone who got in! I'm still waiting on my letter Hopefully it comes soon!

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