Regis Program Summer 2012 Interviews

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    Has anyone heard from Regis University yet for interviews for the Summer 2012 Cohort? I know they said it would probably be about 4-6 weeks after the Sept. 1 application deadline. Just wondering?? I'm super nervous that I won't even get an interview. Do they call or email? Or just send snail mail to let you know if you got an interview slot? We're moving to Golden in lthree weeks, and it would just be amazing to go to Regis. Grrr. I hate waiting! Thanks and good luck, everyone!

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    Hey Liz! I received an email on Friday to schedule an interview, the on campus interviews are at the end of October but unfortunately I will not be able to attend and must do a skype interview. I am sure they are still organizing the interviews and you should reveice an email soon! Best of luck!
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    I received an email about 2 weeks ago for an interview. Good luck to you!
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    Hi! Thanks for your responses. I ended up getting my email late, because NursingCAS hadn't released my app to them until fairly late. I'm so pumped for the interview. Have either of you had your interviews yet? Good luck on the interview!!!
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    My interview is tomorrow morning! I am pretty nervous, but luckily am busy so I'll just put one foot in front of the other. I wonder if we'll get marked down for wearing snow boots.

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    How did everyones interview go?? I think mine went well...does anyone know how many applied/when we find out? I am so nervous!!
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    I felt like mine went pretty well, too! Fingers crossed! There were about 190 applicants according to J.K. This is going to be a long week, isn't it?!
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    Such a long week! Do we find out Friday??
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    Wait did she say they interviewed 190 people??
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    I believe they interviewed about 90 something and 48 spots are available. The interviews were so quick!!!! It is going to be such a tough decision for them because everyone I met at the interviews was so right for the program. I hope I did well in my interview, but I guess we will find out when we get our mailed decisions sent out on Friday!! Argg.
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    ahh such a long wait! I did the skype interview so I wasn't able to meet anyone I was bummed! It makes me nervous it seems like a lot of people in other threads were denied with such good credentials! I wonder if we will get an email response as well...
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    No, I think 190 applied and they interviewed 96...
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    Does anybody know when we are suppose to find out?

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