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Hi! Has anyone heard from Regis University yet for interviews for the Summer 2012 Cohort? I know they said it would probably be about 4-6 weeks after the Sept. 1 application deadline. Just wondering?? I'm super nervous... Read More

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    I received an email saying I was an accepted alternate yesterday evening! YAY so excited!

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    CONGRATS!!!!!!!! that is so exciting, and right after you asked if anyone had heard anything haha! I wondering if they will be notifying anyone else....
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    Im sure they will. I have to accept my position by Monday so they may be doing it in rounds. Keep your head up and keep positive thoughts. I had NO idea I was going to be notified this early, I was so SHOCKED. so if its meant to be it will work out
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    Alright, well this is exciting but very frustrating. I have been accepted to Regis and UC Denver. Originally, I only applied to UC Denver as back up in the event that I didn't get into Regis. I was entirely set on my decision until I received letters from both schools...So, is there anyone out there in the same boat, and if so please tell me what you decided and why.
    I understand they are both good schools, and obviously one beats the other in cost, but what are the other factors you considered? What is the sentiment concerning hiring graduates from one or the other?
    Any advice helps, thanks!

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