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Hi! Has anyone heard from Regis University yet for interviews for the Summer 2012 Cohort? I know they said it would probably be about 4-6 weeks after the Sept. 1 application deadline. Just wondering?? I'm super nervous... Read More

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    Where you going to take the ethics class at?

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    Well I live in Colorado, and I think that Regis is the only place that has it fully online. Im hoping its less than that since it is fully online and only 8 weeks long. I havent receieved any email from admissions in regards to this. Have you since you are accepted?
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    I emailed Jamie and she said that they would not accept that course from any community college...but that we could take the course at either Metro, CU, or Regis. I checked Metro and they only offer that class in the fall. The courses they will accept from CU are: HUMN 5242; PHIL 4242, 5242; SSCI 5242 but I can't find those courses in their catalog. I'm pretty sure that the online cost is just the same as in classroom at Regis. When I took online classes there it was around $1200.
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    Stephy4-- thank you for doing that. The price is a little discouraging. I knew the nursing program itself was gonna be pricey (40,000+) but I wasnt planning on taking a 1200 dollar pre-req class especially when its online and only 8 weeks long. I am taking 3 other pre-reqs fully online at a community college and am paying 1400 and they are full semester long. Just seems a little ridiculous to me but I guess thats what happens when its a private school. Its hard to justify it when Im only an alternate too, but gotta do what I gotta do to get in I sppose.
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    I'm accepted and I do not want to pay that price. I really wish I could take it at the community college where it's only $300 compared to the $1200 ugh.
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    I am an Alternate as well sechris. Where is everyone from?
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    I am from Colorado. What about you?
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    I am from Denver
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    Englewood, CO here. Well let us know if you get accepted from the alternate list!
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    has anyone heard or does anyone know when they are going to start accepting alternates?

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