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Hi! Has anyone heard from Regis University yet for interviews for the Summer 2012 Cohort? I know they said it would probably be about 4-6 weeks after the Sept. 1 application deadline. Just wondering?? I'm super nervous... Read More

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    Still havent received mine :/ I am going CRAZY over here...and it still won't recognize me on webadvisor prob not a good sign . Did you guys receive just a letter or a packet?? Again, CONGRATS to you guys

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    Thank you! I just received a letter. I wouldn't look at not getting into webadvisor as a bad sign. I was only able to because I was a prior student at Regis. Another girl in here couldn't get into webadvisor but received her acceptance letter. So keep your head up
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    No, I couldn't get into WebAdvisor, either, and I was accepted. I'm so sorry your letter isn't here, yet. Ugh!
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    I am an accepted alternate :uhoh21: not what I was hoping for but oh well! When do you have to confirm your place by?
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    We have to have our deposits in by 11/21. It sounds like if you take Health Care Ethics, you'll have a good shot of getting in the next class. Don't lose hope!
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    I am also an alternate MedicineLover44. Hopefully, they will start accepting alternates after the 21st. Im dreading applying to more schools so hopefully they start soon!
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    keep your head up though, it all happens for a reason and will work out as planned
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    There were a couple alternates accepted into the last program! So I'm sure you guys will know around Nov. 21st since that is our deadline to confirm. Good luck to you all!!!
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    does anyone know the cost of the healthcare ethics course? im trying to figure out finances for next semester and wanna have it budgeted in?
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    I think its close to $400 per credit hour...

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