Regis CHOICE 2014

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    Hi All,

    Just wondering if anyone applied for the Regis CHOICE program for August 2014? I've applied but haven't heard anything yet and I'm SO nervous!

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    I applied too and can't wait to hear! Nothing yet...
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    Quote from hannahcbrock
    I applied too and can't wait to hear! Nothing yet...
    It's so nerve wrecking!
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    I can't believe no one else is on here! The CU Denver topic is very active.
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    I know! ughh..Maybe they got TOO many applicants! or not enough and they're going to accept us all!
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    This is the week!
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    STILL HAVENT HEARD ANYTHING! except I got an email confirming that they've received my financial aid...that doesn't mean anything though! ugh
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    DSN already accepted me and I'm supposed to start in April. Yay. BUT I want to go to Regis so I can still work and get BENEFITS! I hope we get in!
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    But congratulations on DSN! I heard that is a great school!
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    Do you think we'll know if we've been accepted to Regis by April? I thought we had to do an interview too?

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