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  1. Hello All,

    I am attending Olivet's ABSN program in the fall. I have come to realize, looking for information about this program from recent graduates is like pulling teeth. I have yet to find 1 post about ANYONES experience. I have searched through countless threads and no one has a clue about how it is to be apart of their program. I am asking if anyone has any information about the quality of learning at this school. Did Olivet accomplish a great hybrid program or is it unorganized? I honestly just want someone's overall experience OR a previous thread where someone talked about their experience. Thank you for your help!
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  3. by   MADE2B_A_NURSE
    I'm thinking about applying and I really need information as to how the admissions process goes.

    I have found no info on it either but it is accredited through the CCNE so that does say a lot.
  4. by   Sunflower12
    You should call and set up a meeting with an advisor. Thats what I did. Then, she gave me a checklist of items to do (background check, application + application fee, transcripts and TEAS test). Once I finished that, I was brought to the committee and "conditionally accepted". Now I have to do a few more checklist items including get drug tested before the first day of class. I really love the program outline. Everyone there is SOO helpful and they really try to help you. The only thing I am worried about is the percentage of students that pass the NCLEX... I haven't found that information anywhere.
  5. by   jcrock1
    I am in the program now, not sure if you are still looking for advice on ONU's ABSN. All I can say is do your research and ask a lot of questions before you commit.
  6. by   jcrock1
    The reason why you haven't found any information about graduates is that no one has completed the program yet. The cohort that starts this fall is only the 4th. The 1st group has not finished yet
  7. by   Sunflower12
    Yes, I am still looking for information about the program. The two biggest questions I would like to know is if the program is well organized (especially since it is a hybrid), and if you feel as if the instructors care about your success. If you could answer those questions, since you are currently in the program, I would greatly appreciate it. I have truly been searching high and low about the school and the program and I will continue to do so! Thanks!
  8. by   jcrock1
    So I am only in my first semester there (10 weeks in) but this is what I can tell you so far:
    1.) So far the program is well organized. We have online lectures, quizzes, exams in person, on site lab, and also clinicals.
    2.) The professors differ from class to class, and that I will be honest about. I think they all want you to do well, but some do it in different ways. They are always accessible through email and they do not mind you calling them at home. The only bad thing about the class formats is that there are multiple sections, taught my different teachers, yet we all take the same exams.
    I believe that if you choose Olivet you should do it for the right reasons. It's tough, and it's a lot of work. It's really worth it to take a step back and ask yourself what you really need and expect from nursing school. Do you have experience with online classes already? Are you the type of person who picks up information easily from reading textbooks? And do you have the time and effort that the ABSN program really requires.

    Olivet does have growing pains that I am starting to notice, but from what I've seen in comparison to the other cohort groups is that things are getting better and moving in the right direction.

    If there's anything else I can help you with, let me know. I would just suggest really comparing programs and applying to as many as possible.
  9. by   Sunflower12
    Thank you! I really appreciate your response. I am defiantly exploring all options. This school seems amazing, just the 54,000 price is scary. This is my second degree so I would have to take out private loans... I am looking for any other options.
  10. by   jcrock1
    Yea we're all in the same boat. If you do go with Olivet, DO NOT take pathophysiology through the college. There is a self-paced course through the university of northern colorado that is much easier.
  11. by   Sunflower12
    Such great advice. Thank you!
  12. by   carolyn_gypsylove
    Hi!! I am also planning on attending the fall 2013 cohort and I was also looking for some input. jcrock1 your response was very helpful! I am glad to see something other than the negative comments I saw in the last thread. Thank you very much! :-)
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    Can I give you my email address? I'm supposed to begin in January, if by a miracle I can come up with all this money by the first, I would love to hear more from you.