Northlake/ elcentro college nursing program. spring 2014 applicants

  1. I am currently trying to apply to north lake college's nursing program for next spring. when i complete my application in august i will have 25 or 26 points. (rough estimate) how many do you think i need to get accepted. one advisor said that theyre changing up the points system so the cut off range will be around 30 instead of 20. so can anyone give me their thoughts?

    thank you
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  3. by   polo.
    hi well I was reading on here that the cut off for this year over at el centro was at 27 points im at 24. and I choose to not take any more classes, because im starting to realize that I keep on takeing more and more classes and these rn programs keep changing there degree requirements and adding more classes for more points which means I keep on spending more money on classes its mentally, physically, and financially draining me at this point so ive decided that I will apply over at trinity valley and at el centro and at lone star college in Houston and just see who will except me with the classes I have completed at this point. hopefully one of them will if not im throwing in the towel. I feel like I gave it my complete hole heartedly best to obide by all of these rn programs requirements but they just keep adding more points and more class requirements and everytime I think ive done enough and im ready to apply for an rn program they add more classes so that they can make more money. let me just put it like this I have over 120 college credit hours and it still is not enough. it only leaves me at a guestimate of 24 points total. a lot of my credit hours are toward another degree but a lot of them are towards ADN and still not enough im wiped out if I do throw in the towel I will not feel bad because I know that I gave it all I could and gave it my best to try to accomplish this goal ive completed every single class reqyurement needed for the bachelors program over at tvcc so im hopeing I can get in over there if not elcentro or lone star in Houston but I doubt it will be elcentro since the cut off is 27 an im at 24. I refuse to take any more support classes I need to save energy money and brain power... lol for the classes to come when in the RN program. so we will see what happens any ways hope this helped you out.
  4. by   frahman28
    Im going to reapply. I didn't get in. Im not sure I will now either because I didn't get to register for hprs 1202...bad luck
  5. by   Duke1981
    I am trying to get in El Centro or Mountainview College but this point system changes is getting ridiculous. And the fact that all the schools require diifernt classes!!!! I was hoping to apply for Fall but I wont have enough points so blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
  6. by   polo.
    I here you @ duke ... what in the world is going on with all these crazy changes at all these RN programs. each one requires different points I fit most closely with TVCC but I would like to think that I have a second option like el centro incase TVCC doesn't except me. but due to el centros point system my only option will be for TVCC only I don't see why TVCC would not except me I meet all of their point requirements but there is still always that possibility that they still will not except you and it would have been nice to have el centro to fall back on with out needing to take more classes than the 120 college credit hours I have now. ughhhhhhhhhhh its so annoying, like you said . blahhhhhhhh
  7. by   Duke1981
    I thought I would fit better with TVCC. But they have all those extra bsn classes for points that I wont have this time around. So here I go again this next semester taking a load of classes. Ughhhhh