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Need advice on schools

  1. 0 Ok long story short I want to be an NP. I like the nursing model more than the medical model. I know all the drawbacks (but lots of good things imo) now i just have to get there.

    I am starting an LPN program in the fall. My thing is that I have a BS in Biology (biomed emphasis), i didn't do that great (I was young and stupid, what can I say). I have taken classes since and those classes alone I have attained an A- avg. My GPA from school was a 2.5.... Blech

    Anyways, I'm older, wiser which is why I know I have to do this LPN program first. But my question as long as i Ace this (which I have every intention on doing). What are my options after? Cause then we have the whole DPN issue too as I won't be in school for an NP until after 2015.....

    I need to work while going to school I am divorced and support my 2 kids myself. Unfortunately, their dad is a dead-beat. So online is pref since I do need the income. Ugh, any words of wisdom? Thoughts? Anything to help would be much appreciated!

    Thank you!
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    I would concentrate on getting your lpn first, it is a demanding program. there is no online rn program, that would be the next step. good luck!
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    TAMUCC has an online program and you do clinicals in an approved hospital close to you. If you live in Texas UTA has an accelerated BSN program and clinical locations in Dallas/Fort Wort area and the Houston area. Wayland Baptist University also has something similar but clinicals are once a month. Hope this helps. Good luck.
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    UTA is an RN program strictly online. Clinicals are at participating hospitals all over not just in Texas. Many ppl from California & other states do this program. Would be better then your LPN, better pay & online.

    WBU that's where I applied it has the LPN to BSN program. This program is rare to find from what I've heard. That's if u live in Texas & u decide on your LPN. Now WBU also offers generic BSN online but clinicals are here in Texas. So I don't know where you live but if your in Texas there are some suggestions. But if you don't live in Texas look into UTA before you start your LPN.

    Your other option is looking into ABSN programs since you already have a BS. You can get your BSN WITHIN 12 to 18mos, almost the same as getting your LPN. Have you tried that?!

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    Crazy I didn't realize UTA had clinicals anywhere but Texas..... Sorry I guess my advisor only sent me the info for Texas locations
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    Quote from lmh1981
    Crazy I didn't realize UTA had clinicals anywhere but Texas..... Sorry I guess my advisor only sent me the info for Texas locations
    I was surprised to.