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National University Cohort 37 January 2014 - page 3

Hello, I was just looking for any other applicants to cohort 37 at National University in San Diego. The start for this cycle is January 2014. I just finished all the application steps last week... Read More

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    Yes, this helps. Thank you. Do you have any feedback on the choice b/w an ADN program that I wouldn't pay anything for because I get the pell grant and can do the step up program with SDSU or going to NU, spending $39,000, but getting a BSN in 22mos?
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    Hi! I also tried out for the January cohort & as much as I do not want to stress about the results since it's not gonna be out until mid of October, I am immensely nervous for the acceptance or denial letter! :| anyway, does anybody here know if they would look over the cumulative gpa? Or just the Science?
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    Just the sciences and biomed.
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    Thank you, SDgirl2013. Did you apply for this cohort as well?
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    No, I applied for the LVN to BSN Cohort. I'm on pins and needles too!! Good luck!!!
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    Bump for update...anybody get news yet? It's coming down to the wire!
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    not yet!
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    Nope, nothing yet. :| Do we all get a mail coming from them regardless if it's an acceptance or denial?
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    Hi Everybody. I am definitely on pins and needles waiting for admission decision. Good luck to you all!
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    My admissions counselor said we would be notified via email in the next few weeks, he said mid-October, so we're getting close!! I just want to know already!! Fingers crossed, good luck everyone!!!
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    Oh man, I just got another email from heart skips a beat, i'm feeling nervous...aaaaaaand it's a message about the HOLIDAY BOWL. gaaah i'm over here tearing my hair out!
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    LOL I feel u. Rollin my eyes at that message thats where our tuition fees go
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    OMG!!! The wait is becoming soooo scary and frustrating. I hope everyone makes it. Good luck to you all.