National University Cohort 37 January 2014 - page 3

Hello, I was just looking for any other applicants to cohort 37 at National University in San Diego. The start for this cycle is January 2014. I just finished all the application steps last week... Read More

  1. by   adele82
    Yes, this helps. Thank you. Do you have any feedback on the choice b/w an ADN program that I wouldn't pay anything for because I get the pell grant and can do the step up program with SDSU or going to NU, spending $39,000, but getting a BSN in 22mos?
  2. by   Jfgs
    Hi! I also tried out for the January cohort & as much as I do not want to stress about the results since it's not gonna be out until mid of October, I am immensely nervous for the acceptance or denial letter! :| anyway, does anybody here know if they would look over the cumulative gpa? Or just the Science?
  3. by   SDgirl2013
    Just the sciences and biomed.
  4. by   Jfgs
    Thank you, SDgirl2013. Did you apply for this cohort as well?
  5. by   SDgirl2013
    No, I applied for the LVN to BSN Cohort. I'm on pins and needles too!! Good luck!!!
  6. by   Kelekealoha
    Bump for update...anybody get news yet? It's coming down to the wire!
  7. by   Dequis
    not yet!
  8. by   Jfgs
    Nope, nothing yet. :| Do we all get a mail coming from them regardless if it's an acceptance or denial?
  9. by   Indelible_Smile
    Hi Everybody. I am definitely on pins and needles waiting for admission decision. Good luck to you all!
  10. by   aricaroni
    My admissions counselor said we would be notified via email in the next few weeks, he said mid-October, so we're getting close!! I just want to know already!! Fingers crossed, good luck everyone!!!
  11. by   Kelekealoha
    Oh man, I just got another email from heart skips a beat, i'm feeling nervous...aaaaaaand it's a message about the HOLIDAY BOWL. gaaah i'm over here tearing my hair out!
  12. by   Dequis
    LOL I feel u. Rollin my eyes at that message thats where our tuition fees go
  13. by   Miston
    OMG!!! The wait is becoming soooo scary and frustrating. I hope everyone makes it. Good luck to you all.