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Hello, I was just looking for any other applicants to cohort 37 at National University in San Diego. The start for this cycle is January 2014. I just finished all the application steps last week and have been dying to know... Read More

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    Hi kelekealoha, when I spoke with my adviser last time she said that there were around 200 applicants to this cohort. And when I took my essay the classroom was full. Super nerve wrecking. I got the same essay question as tashachamps about interpersonal conflicts. But I heard there were around 8 other prompts being passed around. You are so lucky you live this close to school!!

    @aricaroni I am currently volunteering at ucsd hillcrest and sharp chula vista right now so I can get a feel of the hospital environment, get experience, and get my foot in the door. As soon as I get through nurse fundamentals I am going to try to get a job as a cna and work per diem/part time night throughout school. But for the meantime I've been looking for home health positions and volunteering for anything medical related. I know it's going to be extremely hard balancing cna and school, but that's the only strategy I hear of people landing an RN job at a hospital. I'm hyperventilating just thinking about it haha

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    Wow! That's a lot of applicants!! Oh gosh that makes me even more nervous!! Yeah I volunteer at Sharp Memorial right now and I have a friend in labor and delivery so I'm going to try and volunteer there soon and then get a Tech job there and after I graduate they pretty much hire their techs for their new grad nursing positions automatically as long as you're a hard worker and they like you. But I don't think I'll start working nights until we're through some of the harder classes because I've just heard its really hard to balance your time with a job and you DO NOT want to fail a class because it puts you waaay back. I want to get a foot in but I also don't want to put my education in jeopardy so we'll see what I can handle! I hope we all get in!!!
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    Arg i replied to this earlier but it was deleted. Anyway, that's so awesome that you have a plan goin on!! All the steps we take now will pay off in the end. I have a few cousins who started off by volunteering at Sharp, they all landed a CNA job there with some working part time and some per diem. The one who graduated recently got a new grad RN job as soon as she passed the board! It's all really exciting. Sharp memorial is a beautiful hospital too. I would love to float and volunteer around either L&D or critical care, but right now im starting off doing meal mates. I'm trying to figure out whether I want to get my masters as a nurse anesthetist or midwife so getting experience there will point me out the right way And I agree with keeping grades in line while balancing a job. I've heard that not only do the students who fail a class have to drop another 1500 for the course, but some have had to wait a year to reapply for the program because theres not enough room in the next cohort. So i'll take that advice to work nights until after the harder classes lol. Im so excited about it all and really hope we get in! Stay positive!
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    Yeah I one of those people that has to plan for like way ahead in the future just so I can feel less stress haha! Yeah Sharp is a really awesome hospital and beautiful like you said, I'm from Colorado so I'm going to apply at places here and in Colorado and just see what I get! Yeah I still can't decide if I want to go on and do nurse practitioner or anesthetist or not so I'm just going to be a nurse for awhile and see how I like it, I may end up doing something I absolutely love and not want to go back! Yeah that's exactly what I've heard, failing a class is very very bad! It puts you back a lot so I definitely don't want that to happen. I hope we get in too! I'm just keeping my fingers and toes crossed and waiting patiently, or maybe not so patiently!
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    I just applied today, can someone tell me how long it will take for them to send me a date for the essay. Also, I got accepted into Grossmont's program, but going to apply anyways just to weigh my options.
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    You should get an email within a couple weeks after the application period closes. Our application closed on July 17th I think and I got an email about my test date in early August and my essay and test date was about 3 weeks after that. So overall its a pretty good chunk of time. Hope this helps!
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    Yes, this helps. Thank you. Do you have any feedback on the choice b/w an ADN program that I wouldn't pay anything for because I get the pell grant and can do the step up program with SDSU or going to NU, spending $39,000, but getting a BSN in 22mos?
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    Hi! I also tried out for the January cohort & as much as I do not want to stress about the results since it's not gonna be out until mid of October, I am immensely nervous for the acceptance or denial letter! :| anyway, does anybody here know if they would look over the cumulative gpa? Or just the Science?
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    Just the sciences and biomed.
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    Thank you, SDgirl2013. Did you apply for this cohort as well?

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