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Hey everyone, I just received a letter from Nashville State for an interview for nursing. Just wondering if anyone else has gotten a letter or has already been through the interview process. I'm... Read More

  1. by   janandrewss
    Hi Ms Morris, I understand your view and I can respect that you would not want to believe that NSCC could be capable of any wrong doing. But what I reported is true and I have responsibly reported my story to the Board of Regents and all pertinent parties. Now I am warning other students to avoid the nursing program at NSCC until they respectfully comply with state and federal regulations, especially their own policy. After I was dismissed from NSCC's nursing program, I followed the appeals process and won my appeal to be readmitted. I did nothing wrong. The appeals process took too long and there was only two weeks left of school. I responsibly withdrew because I had to so I could save my grades and attend nursing school elsewhere. I sought legal help to fight for a refund. I immediately got accepted into an accredited nursing program offering the BSN. It is night and day compared to NSCC. Nursing is a wonderful career and I am well on my way now to finishing school but I am learning in the proper manner with well trained teachers and solid policy. Students need to feel comfortable filing complaints when teachers are wrong. I made a huge sacrifice but I still have my integrity.
  2. by   janandrewss
    The pre-req training for nursing was great at NSCC. I completed the Surgical Technology program several years ago and can highly recommend it as well. My poor experience was with the RN nursing program's faculty in general and the way the appeals process went.
  3. by   2baggettfamilyof5
    April 11 and no request to interview letter. 3.7 GPA. All pre-reqs completed (A&P II and an elective complete in May) . I'm bummed.
  4. by   Schabe
    Don't be bummed yet. You may still receive a letter! Don't give up hope!
  5. by   tdabney427
    2baggettfamilyof5, you are not the only one I have heard of with your GPA with pre-req's completed that did not get a letter. My friend cannot even find out why she did not get a letter. I wish you the best of luck.
  6. by   jchrisperdue
    Well. I got a rejection letter today. Apparently they took everyone that had already completed ALL of their prerequisites. I suppose just having your math and sciences completed by December was not enough to get in. I was really bummed when I got the letter today! I worked really hard and now I will have to wait another year to try to get into Nashville State. My only other option is to retake the ACT and reapply to Columbia State if I increase my ACT score. I am also going to apply to TSU next year. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have a 4.0, and I am only taking my english, an elective, and speech class and it is very discouraging but....I will persevere!! I have no choice! I am going to take a CNA course and hopefully start working in a hospital in the next couple months just for the experience and to get my foot in the door...... who knows what the future holds. Perhaps I will get into a better school and this is just the universe's way of telling me to keep looking...... GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!!!
  7. by   Cindymorris82
    60 more letters for interviews have been sent out and the interview is set for May 1. 😄
  8. by   2baggettfamilyof5
    @Cindymorris82, I just got my letter for the May 1 interview!! Are you interviewing, as well? I had pretty much given up hope and was thankful to find my letter in the mailbox today. Do you know anything about the essay and interview process? I assume this is a group-type interview on May 1?
  9. by   Cindymorris82
    My mail doesn't come until 3 and its driving me crazy! Congrats on yours!
  10. by   tdabney427
    I did my interview on 4/24/ I am not impressed with the interview process. I hope each of you get an interview and do well. Even if you do not, congrats on making it this far.
  11. by   Schabe
    @2baggettfamilyof5 Congratulations on the interview! I had an interview on 4/23. It was not as bad as I thought it would be. It is a group interview and you just have to write a one page essay and they will ask you a couple of questions.
  12. by   2baggettfamilyof5
    tdabney427, was it just not a very personable interview? Do you feel like they didn't "get to know" you during the process?
  13. by   2baggettfamilyof5
    Thank you @Schabe! Of course I'm a ball of nerves now. I just have to remember, if it is meant to be it will be. If not, so bet it.