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Hello all:) i have some questions, i recently applied to msmc for the pre-nursing option or adn program for spring 2014. Im really worried:( how many students are admitted from the transfer pool? my average in classes is a B i... Read More

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    Quote from tasha92337
    How many pre req have you completed prior to applying?
    I have applying at evererst, ontario but want to also apply for st mary Fall 2014 but need the pre req's completed. Do you need at least 2/5 classes done? Can you do them online?
    Thank you! I've completed all but two classes. I'm not sure if you can take the classes online but when you sign the acceptance letter, it states that you're not allowed to take classes anywhere else but MSMC.

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    Quote from daisyjgatsby
    Hi, same here. I have received a notification stating that I am a Mount student and Pre- ADN from the Nursing Admissions Office. I have to fulfill a Logic course. Have you taken the TEAS V?
    Hi, yes I took the TEAS a couple months ago and sent in my results when they asked for them. Congrats to you!
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    i see. My plan is to actually apply at Everest 2014 ADN in Ontario and St Mary College Fall 2014 pre nursing program for backup. It did say you needed certain pre req to be eligibile at St mary college by april 2014. So I am signing up for Winter 2014 at Mt Sac to take the english 101, general psych online and hopefully general studies (literature) which i can't find on Mt Sac winter 2014. It did say general studies can be art, music, literature or history so I may have to choose the others. In the mean time, I'm also renewing my CNA license and applying at community hospitals. The good thing I read that everest may reduce cost in tuition if you also have pre req for english composition , general psych, and american literature. *fingers cross* Everest entrance exams are hesi a2 and compass i believe. i have 4 months to study. I need to brush up on a lot especially time management. What study tips recommend? ive read listening to anatomy podcasts , flash cards, games etc may help
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    I checked my portal this morning and my status changed from "Complete-- in review process" to "Accepted"

    So just gonna wait on my letter before I start jumping up and down. But I am smiling from cheek to cheek.

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