Montgomery College Fall 2017

  1. Hey guys! I couldn't find a thread for the Fall '17 semester so I figured I start one so that we can all share and support each other while we anxiously wait for our acceptance letters. I'm just curious what every one else applied with and if you guys applied to any other programs.

    I got a adjusted score of 84% on my TEAS and a 99.7% on my reading, I have a 4.0 gpa, and all of my pre and co requisites completed. I have been working for 3 years now to meet the requirements for different nursing programs but because of the military and moving I have always been a class or two short for each program. This is the closest I have gotten to being able to get into a program and I am so excited but super nervous too. I wish June would hurry up and get here so I can know or not if I got in.
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  3. by   stephymely
    Hi CarolineMcGee! So happy you started a thread. I recently applied for fall 2017 and I'm super anxious to see if i got in! I also completed all classes including the priority ones. It has taken me a while to finish these classes. I'm happy that I was finally able to apply. I;m kinda nervous about my teas score. My total score was 74, and my reading score was 85. So I hope that was enough. My GPA is a 3.2. I cant wait for June.
  4. by   CarolineMcGee
    Hey Stephymely! I think you'll be fine with your teas scores. From previous threads that I read people who just barely met the requirements were admitted so you'll be fine. From my understanding the priority classes are the most important thing for their admissions. What math class did you take? There's a lot of confusion around the math requirement for me cuz I've been told like 3 different things and the admissions office unfortunately wasn't very willing to help and answer my questions.
  5. by   stephymely
    So I actually took statistics at another college and transferred it to Montgomery and they accepted it. I went to see a counselor at Montgomery and still asked him if that statistics could be used for program requirement and he said yes. I think the math you need it math 110. Anything higher is accepted too. Currently I am taking Math 110 at Montgomery, but because I was planning on going to Maryland university at shady grove just in case I didn't get into Montgomery program. But still, I do hope i get in. I would like to start as soon as possible! Lol.
  6. by   CarolineMcGee
    Oh okay good I took stat too and transferred it in. I'm planning on doing my BA at WGU so as long as I have my RN thankfully I won't have to take anymore math classes. But I am so anxious for June! I want to just be able to relax but that won't happen until I get my hopefully acceptance letter lol
  7. by   stephymely
    Yea i know. I have same feeling. But im sure youll get in! You have awesome gpa and teas score. So dont worry!!
  8. by   CarolineMcGee
    I'm trying not to! I hope we both get in and I hope more people join the thread so we can get to know hopefully our future classmates!
  9. by   stephymely
    I know!
  10. by   taayyaabba
    Ok so just for clarification, is MC mailing out the acceptance letters in May or June?
  11. by   stephymely
    Hey. So past threads ive read that some have started getting letters mid may. Or first week of June. But most likely we wont know till june.
  12. by   fmsteele24
    Emails went out today for all campuses
  13. by   CarolineMcGee
    What emails?
  14. by   fmsteele24
    Were you talking about acceptance letters to the Montgomery ADN program? If so, those emails have gone out.