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Hi all!! Just got accepted to MGH Institute of Health Professions ABSN program for Summer 2017! Just wanted to see if there was anyone else that got in, too :)... Read More

  1. by   jmccaff
    That's a good sign! I've read threads from past years and it's usually good news!! It's so competitive which makes me a little concerned since I didn't do that well on my TEAS. When did your status change if you don't mind me asking. I submitted my application to UMass fairly early so it feels like I've been waiting a while now. When did you submit yours?
  2. by   nursemarcio
    @jmccaff I submitted the UMB app on 11.18, but it wasn't "complete" (i.e. all transcripts/LORs in) until a couple days ago. I was really worried all my supplemental materials wouldn't make it in time. And now I am surprised they've already come to a decision. Hoping that it's good news. Best of luck in your decision!
  3. by   jmccaff
    @nursemarcio - see that's why I'm wondering what's taking mine so long since mine was in "complete" status before you had submitted your application. I hope you get good news!! Def let me know!!! Do you know if UMB offers scholarships? MGH has offered me one but I'm holding out for UMB (I'm in the military so I could attend for free with my tuition waiver).
  4. by   nursemarcio
    @jmccaff - I just got my UMass Boston acceptance packet in the mail today! I hope you hear soon. #christmasmiracle
  5. by   hwillis92
    Quote from Ilovenursing15
    Hey, all. I commented on another forum, and this one was recommended to me.
    im a student in the ABSN program. Just finished up my second semester. Feel free to message me if you have any questions!
    I'd love to ask you questions!! Not sure how to message you though--I don't post on the site very much
  6. by   hwillis92
    @Allie0980 I've only been to New York a couple of times..never been to Boston!! Are you familiar with any of the neighborhoods around the school? I don't even know how to start looking for housing!!
  7. by   Rai08

    Congratulations to everyone who got accepted! I was also recently accepted into the ABSN program for Summer 2017. I am very much leaning towards going there. I am from a little tropical island called Sri Lanka. I would love to get to know more of you also going to this program. Are any of you thinking of relocating closer to the school?
  8. by   jmccaff
    @Rai08 when were you notified about your acceptance?! Congrats -- so exciting!
  9. by   Allie0980
    @hwillis yes! I'm going to look at places in somerville, Medford and Cambridge for the most affordable options. Im looking for about a 30 minute commute or less and ideally want Somerville. I'm moving back out east in march to start looking for housing. What are your plans?
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  10. by   Rai08
    I was notified mid December! Thank you very much! @jmccaff
  11. by   Allie0980
    Would anyone be interested in starting and facebook group and looking for other fellow accepted students to try and work out if anyone wants to go in looking for housing together?
  12. by   Rai08
    Hi @Allie0980

    I currently live in Cambridge, but looking to move out and find room mates in the program. I can definitely help if you are also looking for a place. I have a list of just a couple of places to look at. I also visited MGH IHP and spoke to someone who said there are free shuttles running every 15 minutes from the MGH Hospital to the school.
    I also think a facebook group would be a pretty good idea!
  13. by   Allie0980
    Alrighty all, I set up a Facebook account under MGH IHP Summer 2017 for those interested