Macomb Community College 2018

  1. I want to start a running forum for the applicants of the 2018/2019 program as has been done in the past.

    How many other people are applying this year?
    How many are taking their HESI in the next few months?
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  3. by   LaurenRichards817
    I am applying this February as Well! I will be taking my Hesi a2 exam in January. This semester I am taking Patho.
  4. by   Agibbs94
    I'll be applying this February as well. I'm taking my HESi December 5th and currently finishing up Micro and A&P, so hopefully all goes well with those!
  5. by   BrookeT
    I will be applying this february too! I am taking my HESI early january and I'm finishing up A&P right now. Question though, does anyone know if we have to have ethics/nutrition/psych done in the winter semester? I was thinking of taking the winter semester off to work and pay off my car before the program. If i am accepted into the program I was going to take the ethics and nutrition class in the summer semester (I have already taken psych). Will not taking classes next semester effect my chances of getting in? any comments/opinions are helpful
  6. by   Agibbs94
    We don't need to have those classes done before getting into the program! They can either be taken before or during the program, as long as they get done before we finish I'll be taking nutrition and psychology online this winter just to get them out of the way, but they aren't necessary.