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has anyone taken the kaplan nursing entrance exam? i previously took the net, and applied to the nursing program at baker for entrance into the program for the fall. unfortunately, i did not make... Read More

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    I simply wanted to comment as it appears there have not been many comments since 2013! Yikes!

    I took my Kaplan exam at Community College of Southern Nevada here in Las Vegas just a few weeks ago,
    and I was pleasantly surprised by how simple it was. I did have the Kaplan prep textbook, but I only got
    about 1/3 into it by the time I had to stop studying due to other demands.

    The math was much simpler than I had anticipated. Most of it was basic algebra, no geometry as
    I had originally anticipated - In fact, this was one of the areas I was angry about after the
    test, because the textbook covered a great deal of math stuff that they did not include on the
    test at all. The conversion questions had the conversions IN THE QUESTION, so it was almost too easy.
    (Ex. If 1000 milligrams equals a gram, then how many grams are there in 2000 milligrams, etc)
    Also, the calculator they allowed us to use within the test taking program was not
    picky on when you could use it... So I had some very simple questions you could do directly on
    the calc, and yet there was no filter to stop it from being used on those questions.

    As for science, this is where I thought I would fail - Once again, I was pleasantly surprised.
    I just started A & P II and had been off a semester between that and A&P I, so I thought I would
    bomb, but I didn't. They were relatively simple questions, which was good, because there is so much
    material when it comes to the Bio classes, it's impossible to really know what will be included.

    English and Reading Were a bit difficult for me, and this says A LOT. I am actually a whiz in languages
    but even I struggled and scored my lowest in these areas. I felt that passages that they gave us were
    kind of all over the place as far as writing subjects goes. In any normal peice of literature, finding
    the main idea is like child's play. The peices they gave us were so random, it practically seemed like
    rambling. The example passages in the book were much more direct. I was really surprised at how difficult
    they made it.

    For those of you scared that you won't be ready, let me say this: I did not study as much as I would've
    liked for this exam. I actually went to register for the exam weeks in advance, but they didn't have my
    dates available, so I opted to take it the very next day. That's right: I had one day notice to prep for
    this test. All other studying I had done for it was literally a month before I took the test, unless you
    count my attendance to A&PII the few weeks prior to that as studying. So the night before, I went over
    conversions (which were useless in the end) and just rested, I didn't actually study. I passed with an 81%!
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    Also, another thing I should mention is that I took quite a few practice tests online and with the book
    specially selected for this test, and I was not really passing those tests. I was always one question short
    or a percentage short. The actual test seemed easier than practice tests.
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    Are you sure you want to go to Kaplan? Honestly after my experience with them I would say, "Run for your life!" I'm still trying to get my money back after they lost accreditation and closed. Consider all your options before you choose them.
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    I took the Kaplan last week... I got an 82 in the reading (my best subject) and I truly thought I'd failed it... The Science was, as they all say, RANDOM but not horrible. I had previously taken bio 1&2 so I had a basic idea and I got 65% on that. I had a critical thinking score of 83% but that was not a specific test, per say, but they liked the number?? Then the writing, punctuation and all that, now this girl is an English Major and I scored a 62!!! This was/is a problem for me. I asked how the heck could there be a 20 point spread between the reading and the writing?? She admitted that I was 1 of several with the same issue that day and she was puzzled - but apparently not enough to further investigate. Then there was the math... Yes... it is easy as in lots of fractions, percents, conversions... unfortunately for some stupid reason I blanked out. There is no fraction key on the online calculator provided, it's been replaced with the square root key, no square root problems on the test but what ever. Make sure that you know how to do all those math problems with (+,-,%) only! it's been 30+ years since I was in a math class and I forgot how to do fractions (and there were tons of them) with the % key. I'd have been in great shape if I'd have remembered that. I ended up trying to do all of them on paper and ran out of time and that was it... fail! So on to the next school and probably the TEAS V. I just wanted to pass on my experience for those who have any math issues like me. Good Luck!
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    I'm mostly worried about the A&P section. Does anyone know if the questions on the actual test are as simple as they are in the book? For example, one question in the book is:
    The rate of breathing is controlled by involuntary centers in the:
    A. Cerebrum
    B. Cerebellum
    C. Medulla oblongata
    D. Spinal cord
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    I was mostly worried about this part too. I actually started A&P II just one month before the day I took the exam, and I had heard there was a lot of A&P II on the exam, so I was very concerned, but even with my limited exposure, it did seem like the test was very, very straightforward with the science questions. They are so straightforward that they seem extremely simple if you know the information, haha. I think that that example out of the book is exactly the types of questions you can expect.
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    Thank you for your help! That makes me feel a lot better. I'm studying like a maniac right now and I don't take my test until April 1st. I did the same thing for my medical assistant certification exam and ended up getting in the 98th percentile, so I'm really hoping that's what will happen this time as well!
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    Has anyone taken the Kaplan nursing entrance exam recently? I plan on taking it this month and I am worried about reading and writing. Do you guys have any suggestions on how to prepare them? Any books that I can use for practice? Thank you!!!
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    I used a lot of SAT test prep for the reading and writing and thought it helped. Especially on Khan Academy.
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    Thank you! I've been using SAT reading comprehension book, but I still feel so nervous. Has anyone taken HESI yet? I just want to know how difficult the Kat reading is if compares to HESI. Thanks
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    I just took the Kaplan in April '16....there are great videos on YouTube on all the systems. Don't buy the Kaplan book. I did a final web search the night before my exam on scribe.com and on Google for blogs on Kaplan exam and discovered some new material to review on the science section. I saw these questions and immediately knew I was going to be okay. This was going to be my second time taking the Kaplan exam, and on this blog the person posted almost all the questions I had too. So I just reviewed them. I ended up getting 15/20 on the science. I am in the school I wanted to go to.
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