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    CSN only accepts about 25 students a year for LPN. That is it. If you go to the Board of nursing web site the only other LPN school is Kaplan. CSN is a 2 yr program.... Kaplan is a 1 yr program. Kaplan accepts about 120 students a year - 60 per semester.

    I chose Kaplan bc an accellerated program was what I need since I have 3 small children, I am single and I take care of my sick mom. Money was not an issue for me.

    And as the PP said - CSN does not have a wait list. So there is NO guarentee that you will get in this year, next year or the year after that. I have a 3.75 GPA, 100 hours volunteer & work health care experience, I am a CNA, and I only have 2 classes left to apply for the RN program... But for me - the risk of someone having a highere GPA or scoring higher on the TEAS was not worth it. If you really think about how many students apply for the LPN program - it only takes 25 of them to be better than you.... Kaplan was a sure thing, and for my situation was a perfect fit.

    But if you have time on your side - I would go for CSN. Its more laid back and you can bridge to the RN program with it.

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    You would get into the LPN program at CSN with your credentials. If you are planning to become an RN then you should just go for that. 25K to become an LPN is insane. Especially for a school that is not accredited and that your credits won't transfer out of. I know that the University of Phoenix has a LPN-RN bridge program, but have you looked up board pass rates? It is horrible, approximately 60% or something close to that PLUS another 30-35K for tuition to attend. 60K+ to become an RN is not good when new grads are having trouble finding work. It is bad even when jobs are plentiful, especially when the community college is 5K and accredited.
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    OK so i start lpn school in jan. I know alot of people are saying that its too expensive. But in my opinion if you are a mom and you dont have time to wait or whatever their are plenty of scholarships and grants out there that will cover atleast 1/2 the cost. I got the full pell grant and educational grant that alone covered half plus im applying for hella scholarships. so even if i start before the scholarships come, they will use my student loans and then when it arrives they will sent the loans back to the loan company and you will be set. I think if your ready to do it and you qualify for grants its well worth it. I am a mother of 8 month old twins and i am tired of waisting time trying to find the easy way out. im tired of making min wage so im going for it. if i dont get scholarships which im pretty sure i will then i only have 10k student loan to pay back. i got that student loan thru the gov and it has no intrest until 6 months after i grad.
    good luck in everyones search for schools.
    you can always check it out to see how much you will actually be paying back before you start anything.

    (Las Vegas Kaplan LPN program for 25k)
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    Is the Kaplan College Las Vegas LPN program a *fully* accredited *nursing* program? I looked online, and employers are only looking for students who have graduated from a *fully* accredited nursing program- NOT provisionally accredited. Please let me know ASAP!!!
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    I'm starting the LVN program at Kaplan on January 10th. I am very excited. I know $29k is a lot to pay for the VN program but it's worth it because I will be attending a bridge program after probably at Carrington. Kaplan is a fully accredited college. Here is a website for accredited VN schools. BVNPT - California Accredited Schools
    Best of luck to all of you pursuing this career!!
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    Quote from concerned potential
    Is the Kaplan College Las Vegas LPN program a *fully* accredited *nursing* program? I looked online, and employers are only looking for students who have graduated from a *fully* accredited nursing program- NOT provisionally accredited. Please let me know ASAP!!!
    Kaplan is NOT accredited. I'm sorry to say! Only to sit on the NCLEX. They are not an approved school with the US Dept. of education. Furthermore. I understand that they are trying to gain an accreditation, but IF they are approved, it will only be a National and not a Regionally accredited school, which is what you need to have in order to transfer any credits to any JC or UC. I hope this helps to clarify.
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    My advice is to check the Nevada State Nursing Board website: http://www.nursingboard.state.nv.us/ this link will answer all your questions regarding the programs. You can contact them to make sure your program is approved. With the new schools here in Las Vegas, they all fall under provisional accrediation you can read more in detail on the Nursing Practice Act links on the state board site. How is the program so far? Good luck to you.
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    The college will be posted on the state website and is approved, as I mentioned previously, but only to sit on the boards. If you plan on taking classes and transferring them to a JC or UC, you will only be able to transfer to University Phoenix. You can also look at the US dept. of education website. It will list schools that hold National and Regional accreditation. Kaplan is not listed, but they are trying to gain National accreditation. Regional schools do not accept credits from Nationally accredited school. You will be able to take your state boards for nursing. I hope that helps to clarify :-)
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    Kaplan College is not regionally accredited. Their credits will not trans to Univ of Phoenix because they are a regionally acredited school - the same reason they will not trans to UNLV, NSC, CSN. That school operates on a lower level then the above listed schools.

    I would not spend that kind of $$$ for non-trans classes - and you should double check if Kaplan Univ will take, they may not.
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    University of Phoenix is not accredited with the Nevada Board of Nursing as per their website
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