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I want to become a Nurse

  1. 0 So I am 20. Living in OC. I'm a CNA. Have no kids not married.
    I can move anywhere. By that I means is there any BSN programs like West Coast University that are cheaper I was looking into Grand Canyon because they are more accredited. I can always transfer my job that's no problem I just want to apply to good school. I am debt free, and ready to move. Can anybody tell me where to go? Also does anybody really know how much GCU cost for a traditional nursing student living in a dorm. In fact, where can I go to school the traditional way for nursing and live in a dorm and how much is the cost?
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    The state schools are the cheapest and are easily recognized as fully accredited. I'm sure there is a CSU close to you, I know CSU Dominguez Hills has a good program. All the private schools are going to cost a lot more.
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