I am looking to apply to sac state's nursing school for spring 2014.

  1. I am a current sac state student looking to apply to the nursing school for spring 2014. My gpa is a 3.933 giving me 46 points and I have 6 extra points. My only road block are the TEAS unfortunately I have taken them twice and have not passed. This last time I missed it by 2.3%. I have a little less than a month to improve my score and I have told myself to study 3 hours everyday no exceptions. The section that kills me the most is the science. Does anyone have any advice on how to get through this test? I am going to be so heartbroken if this little test ruins my dream. Also another question I have is if anybody knows the cut off points for last spring? If you do it would be helpful to know that way I can measure myself and see what I need to get on this test. Thanks so much!
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    lex101, I too am applying for Sac State Spring 2014. What study materials have you used for the TEAS? My suggestion is to use as many guides and practice resources as you can afford because they each give you a little different exposure to material. I used both the study guides and practice books from Barnes and Noble book store and did fine with those but got horrible scores with the ATI online practice tests. Even though online ATI scores weren't good I still feel like they helped prepare me. I ended up getting a 93.3. Diversify study material and focus study time in weak spots only.

    GPA 4.0 TEAS 93.3 Sac State Spring 2014 applicant.
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    tsklanker, Thank you for your response! I bought the ATI manual and also a study manual from Barnes and Noble. I have noticed a little improvement when I practice. This test is just so hard to prepare for because you never know what is coming. I have also found some free practice test questions online. With your score and high GPA you will definitely get in! Hope to see you there! You wouldn't happen to know the cut off for last spring do you?
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    Sac state just released the applicant statistics for fall 2013 and it looks like the lowest TEAS was 82%. They didn't release point cut off because it was a bit altered due to being an open application, but Teri said last week at the group advising session that the cut off was around 72 points. Don't give up though. Keep trudging along!
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    Any luck lex101 on admissions?