HELP! Im running out of loan money

  1. Im a single mom of three kids working less than part time. Needless to say I am BUSY. I started taking a few classes at a community college while working as a home daycare provider. I wasn't worried about time frame. I was married at the time and my situation was different than it is now. After going to school part time for a year and a half ( 3 semesters), I divorced and realizing I wanted my future sooner... I decided to go to school full time and rely on loans to pay my bills ect. I quit my full time job and was ready to fully pursue my dream. At the advice of my adviser in the beginning of my college journey I left my biology classes till the end. Such a HUGE mistake. I am currently in a developmental bio class after finishing everything else. and Im hoping to get into my first Bio/Lab class this summer. I had no idea I had to take one bio class before the other. This has made it hard for me to finish all of my required classes to apply for nursing school for my Associates Degree. To keep my full time status Ive started to take my BSN prereqs. I went to talk with my FA councilor and she said I must take 2 classes this summer in order to be sophomore status and receive my loans for fall. Then she informed me that I have taken 15,000 in loans and the limit is 24,000. I have three bio classes so that means I cant apply for nursing school for another year and a half. All for three classes. Plus Im thinking I may run out of loans which I need to live on once Im in nursing school. I have no idea what to do. Is there another way? Maybe a different school? Should I look into working at a hospital? Ive heard people say that will pay to further my career. Please help! My kids and I are already living pretty poor. Im thinking there has to be a better way for me to get ahead.

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  3. by   fitnessstepqueen
    You should be able to get up to 120 k in student loans. Call financial aid and ask. I recommend you getting at least a partime job and downgrade your lifestyle for now. This is what I did, and praise God I graduate next month with a MSN degree. Best of luck and God bless you and yours!
  4. by   Tait
    Generally FA is calculated by attempted credits (completed/withdrawn/failed). I would talk to the advisers again. Most of the time the school sets some of the limits and perhaps you can get an amendment.

    Good luck!