Grossmont College RN Points Total

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    I am looking for information on what number of points you had when you applied and did you get in?

    I am applying next week and I am not holding my breath, but was just wondering.


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    I am in the same boat, I'll keep you posted if you keep me posted. I will have between 73-78 points depending on my TEAS I'm taking next week.
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    Good luck on the teas! I will definitely keep you posted. You have more points than me!
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    Has anyone received a letter yet?
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    Letters went out Friday for first round acceptance, as did denial letters.
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    Anybody in here got a letter? Thanks
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    I got mine last Friday. Some went out Tuesday. We had until today to accept our seat and then they will send more out?
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    Thanks. I will also say, don't let the points thing scare you. I hear it was below 70 this time.
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    I got my acceptance email on Friday 30th, 2013. I estimate to have 79 points. I was lacking on language, volunteering hours, and on fix set GPA, I have all A's but a B on math. I believe my fix set GPA is 3.86 which is equal to 13 pts. Hope this helps.
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