Grossmont College RN Points Total

  1. I am looking for information on what number of points you had when you applied and did you get in?

    I am applying next week and I am not holding my breath, but was just wondering.

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  3. by   adele82
    I am in the same boat, I'll keep you posted if you keep me posted. I will have between 73-78 points depending on my TEAS I'm taking next week.
  4. by   long2beanurse
    Good luck on the teas! I will definitely keep you posted. You have more points than me!
  5. by   jay78
    Has anyone received a letter yet?
  6. by   long2beanurse
    Letters went out Friday for first round acceptance, as did denial letters.
  7. by   Moiredgirl
    Anybody in here got a letter? Thanks
  8. by   long2beanurse
    I got mine last Friday. Some went out Tuesday. We had until today to accept our seat and then they will send more out?
  9. by   jay78
  10. by   long2beanurse
    Thanks. I will also say, don't let the points thing scare you. I hear it was below 70 this time.
  11. by   Moiredgirl
    I got my acceptance email on Friday 30th, 2013. I estimate to have 79 points. I was lacking on language, volunteering hours, and on fix set GPA, I have all A's but a B on math. I believe my fix set GPA is 3.86 which is equal to 13 pts. Hope this helps.
  12. by   Moiredgirl
    Long2beanurse, beside orientation what do you think we should do to prepare for January. Hoping you may know.
  13. by   long2beanurse
    Congrats!! I would say, start working on pharmacology. You can go on Grossmont's Website and look at the online bookstore. Look at the books for NURS 118 and NURS 120 (these are the first two classes and are taken simultaneously). You can get a jump on buying the pharmacology books (NURS 118) and the fundamentals it says wait, but there is a host of other books you will need. Might help with costs down the road. I have a Pharmacology flashcard set that I have kind of started carrying around with me and looking at it when I have time. I was also told about the Davis Q&A fundamentals. I think it is $50. It is at Barnes and Noble (as well as other places). It will get you used to NCLEX type questioning. I believe anything you can study beforehand will give you a heads up and a jump. It is going to be so overwhelming and if you have a little understanding, it will be easier

  14. by   Moiredgirl
    Oh this is soo helpful. Thank you! I am taking transfer classes right now, but I will definitly make time to get these materials and look through them whenever possible. Is ADN it for you or are you looking to transfer for BSN?