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I just got done applying for GCU's fast track program to start this Fall. I'm hoping I get accepted so that I can start but might have to wait till Spring '12. Please let me know if you hear... Read More

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    Thank you for sharing.
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    How is everyone's program going so far?
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    Freaking amazing... Whooping this programs ass. Which location r u at?
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    Johnnyrei, I did try to respond to your message but email bounced -I will try to send it via this site again.

    NickWahoo... I knew you would! GCU will soon be paying you to teach their NUR program!
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    hey Nick.. I'm starting the program in January at AT Still. Any advice? We just received our book list.. do we truly need all of the ones listed?
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    @NickWahoo - I did not apply for the Program. I have been going back and forth from AZ to my home state. At one point, I thought that I was not coming back to AZ. But, I'm back, so now I'm in the application stage once again. I am either going to apply for the Summer 2012 program at St Joe's or the Fall 2012 program at SHC.

    I was going to quit my job and do the summer program. However, I think that I would rather take University Success and Christian worldview before the actual program, so SHC is looking better in my eyes. Also, I want to keep my current job.

    @Lizzyru - I didn't get any messages :-( How is the program at SHC going? What are your days/hours for the 1st block?
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    Quote from tlk879
    hi everyone. i was accepted to grand canyon university's fall traditional program! i went to the immunization orientation last thursday. it was only an hour long and it was only about the immunizations that we have to get. no need to take off work or anything. nick, maybe you should try to apply to the traditional program. i heard that there aren't as many applicants for the traditional and my enrollment counselor said that it may be possible to switch over into the fast track if you change your mind and want to finish the program quicker. just an idea. i really would like to finish the program in 20 months, but not having a break at all kinda scares me. so, i'm not sure what i would rather do. i only applied to the traditional because i still didn't take nur207 or stats yet, but i'm going to take them this summer before the program starts. i'm just happy that i got in at all. i'm really excited! out of curiosity, how many of you are working during the program, whether it be part time or full time? i'm definitely not going to work full time, but i'm considering doing part time. i just don't want it to interfere with school and not have enough time to study. do you think it will be best to not work? i'd love to hear your opinions. thanks! nick, good luck on being accepted! think positive!
    congrats. i have applied for the nur207 also. i didn't get accepted but i will try again!
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    i just recieved my cna license. how do i go about getting pct?
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    I applied for the spring 2015 nursing program at GCU and was placed on an alternate list I am # 33 but now I have moved to #26. Has anyone with the same or similar situation been accepted. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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