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  1. Hi everyone I am applying for the tucson campus and have a few questions.
    Does anyone know if they have the student nursing association there or if it is only through the main campus? Do they have the nursing honor society, I think it is Nu epsilon for GCU, or is it only at the main campus? Do they have the same type of learning resources that the main campus has, like tutors ect. Any thoughts in general about the Tucson vs. main campus? Debating on applying to both. Reason why I am only debating it and not just going to: 1. cost I live in Tucson 2. I can't drive (not by choice, and no i did not get a DUI)
    Reasons why I would prefer main campus: 1. It's not fast track, I would have summers and winters off. 2. It has a plethera of resources (hope tucson does)
    Would appricieate opinions and any information. Thanks!
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  3. by   swimmer33
    Kelsey - I am the Director of the Grand Canyon University Pre-licensure BSN Program in Tucson and am happy to answer your questions about our program, campus and resources. The Tucson campus has a very active Student Nurses Association Chapter. They are involved in many endeavors in the community and have actively participated in the State Students Nurses' Association as well as attending regional and national conventions. As far as the Nursing Honor Society - Sigma Theta Tau International- there is one chapter that we participate in - as a University - and that is in Phoenix. Students in Tucson, who have been selected for membership based upon the organization's criteria, participate in the induction ceremony with other GCU student nurses, from all campuses, in Phoenix. In Tucson, we offer the fast-track program, which is currently 5 semesters in length and operates year round with a break at Christmas and a Spring Break. Our students have access to the online GCU Library and all of its' resources. While, we do not have a tutoring center here in Tucson, our students have access to the Center for Learning and Advancement (CLA) on main campus and can connect with tutors via phone and internet. We also work closely with our students here, to assist them with their learning needs. Public transportation does pass by our facility, so if you cannot drive, there would be that option. A representative of the Phoenix campus will be responding to your questions also.
  4. by   Studentnurse365
    Thank you so much for that information, it was very helpful!