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Anyone know anything about this program? The interview process? How many clinical hours there are required? Thanks so much for your input.... Read More

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    Quote from Pokytrokyt
    Q1: No, I didn't get the WHC scholarship. Seems a bunch of us didn't. Maybe they just gave out fewer scholarships this year. Anyway, I could blow my 401K savings on this program, or take student loans - and I'll probably do some of both.

    Q2: The total TUITION for the program is somewhere around $70-72,000. That's for 4 semesters covering 16 months. On top of that you have books, fees, equipment, etc. Figure another couple thou for that. Room and board is assumed to be off campus at your own expense. Medical insurance (theirs or yours - it's mandatory) is $1700/yr. I've also had to get a bunch of immunizations and must get BLS for Healthcare/CPR certified before the program starts in January 2010.


    - Alex

    oh my sorry to hear that. Goodluck, the program price is out of my range.

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    This thread might be dead. But, as a current student, I don't recommend this program. It should be last on your list, and a back-up if anything.
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    Can you give more details as to why you do not recommed this program?
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    Quote from cheertt2
    Can you give more details as to why you do not recommed this program?

    I'm also a current student in the SDBSN (second degree BSN) program at GU. I'm not going to waste your time with trite platitudes, so let me just jump in with what I personally like and what I don't.

    - Not enough time spent in the Simulation Lab. We get to use it 4 times this semester, which is as much as I've used it in previous semesters, combined.
    - Not enough tutorial support in the Med/Surg class (you'll take that in 2nd semester)
    - All the instructors really know there stuff. Not all of them can really teach it well.

    - 80% scholarship for WHC scholars. That's a chunk o' change.
    - Despite the suck-y economy, GU grads all seem to get jobs after graduation. That's important to me, since I'm not in the WHC program.
    - Recent first-try pass rates on the NCLEX exam range from 96-100%
    - I can't speak for past grads, but students entering their final semester now seem to get a lot of attention/drill/remedial review as needed to help them pass the NCLEX exam.
    - A large % of GU grads go on to grad school in nursing. Which means they're good enough to get IN to grad school.
    - GU students - especially non-WHC students - get a lot of hospital choices where to take your clinicals.
    - Students have opportunities to give constructive feedback on things we don't like. SDBSN students have a reputation for being quick to complain when we don't like something.

    I guess you have to decide for yourself whether you think the program is worth it - all things considered - for you. You might want to ask nurses you know who went to GU about their take on the program. And you can contact some other current SDBSN students on Facebook. For instance the FB group, "Georgetown University Spring 2010 ABSN".

    Good luck, whatever you choose!

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