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Hi, I was just wondering if anyone else applied to the accelerated bsn program at Georgetown starting this fall? I am attending an information session in mid April and wanted to see if anyone... Read More

  1. by   runnova
    Nope, I have not.
  2. by   career switcher
    How were the interviews?
    I walked away feeling really down about mine. I've read past boards and thought I was going to get questions based from my essay. Instead I only got two very generic questions! I panicked.
  3. by   runnova
    I also didn't feel my interview was outstanding. I was asked four generic questions, none based on my essay (although I saw it printed out and sitting in front of my interviewer). And, we were each interviewed by only one WHC person of the four that were there that day. I can't (and honestly don't want to) think the interview holds significant weight in the decision making process. We did a group round robin before the interviews where the four WHC staff members/program leaders were taking notes on each of us, so perhaps that combined with the interview will help guide the decision making process. I don't know, I've been turning this over in my brain so much since my interview back in March. It's over and done with now. I just want to know!
  4. by   career switcher
    Oh my gosh. This makes me feel so much better! I, too am hoping the one-on-one interview isn't weighed heavily in the decision making process. Although, I didn't even see my essay anywhere near my interviewer.
    I guess I'll just keep obsessively checking my email.
  5. by   TXgirl912
    I felt the same way! Only a few very generic questions and she didn't take any notes. How much weight does the essay and your GPA hold? I am assuming we will hear by Friday. Good luck!
  6. by   career switcher
    Good luck to you, too!
  7. by   RNHopeful84
    Anyboudy hear anything yet? I'm starting to get really anxious waiting to hear.
  8. by   haleysheree
    Nope not yet! AHHHH!
  9. by   TXgirl912
  10. by   career switcher
  11. by   emdonnelly1205
    Nothing yet. This waiting is driving me crazy! Hopefully we hear soon.
  12. by   Tndah85
    Glad I'm not the only one going crazy waiting to hear back from them. It is far past mid-april! I hope they hurry up so I can make my final decision on where I am going in the fall!
  13. by   NP_to_be

    Does anyone know if the notifications will come by email or regular mail?