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Hey All, I thought I'd create a thread for future LPN applicants awaiting admission for, hopefully, the Fall 2016 cohort. I was hoping for a lucky spring 2016 spot, but oh well..., so here's to... Read More

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    As far as the shoes they told me it shouldn't matter they just need to be closed toe sneakers without mesh, but I've seen people with all white shoes.
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    Second semester starts today! Go in in in about 15 minutes. How is everyone who started first semester yesterday?
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    Hey I got into the spring program of 2017. I am paying for it all with cash and was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to let me use your ebook codes for school for the ones who bought paper books. I am willing to even pay. I have about 150 on me now but I just cant afford the ebooks at this time.
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    Morning class started on the 10th yikes! I'm in the evening cohort and we start on the 18th you would think they would start us on the same week lol. Here I come block 2!
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    So clinical's are next week. I am so nervous because we only had 2 days of school so far. I feel so unprepared. I got Jenn Dorn though. So hopefully she gives me the confidence I need. Did any of you do a lot your first day of clinical.
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    It all depends where you go. I had Jennifer at Mi Casa. Is that where you guys are going? If so you won't do too much on the first day. It'll be more or less observation and shadowing and maybe a few things. For the rest of the time that you are there though you will do a lot? You will be able to fill up your entire skills sheet. Jennifer was the best preceptor I had. She knows virtually everything about nursing, she is really a walking encyclopedia. You can tell her that Damon says hi hahaha
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    I don't know if the code will work if they have already been used before.
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    We are going to Mission Palms in Mesa.
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    I sent u a message
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    Hey does anyone know the store that sells the scrubs we need besides gateway
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    Apparel Pro Scrubs in Tempe off university
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    How long does it take for them to do the embroidery?