Ediston state college Fort myers/surrounding area. Question of acceptance.

  1. 0 Hi all, I am looking to go to edison for their associates-nursing program, I wanted to know how difficult it is to get accepted into their program. I am looking to apply next summer, so i can complete my pre- reqs. What kind of grades do you need to have? At the moment I have 2 B's in 3 credit classes and 1 B in a one credit class So I have a 3.0 (i am in my first semester still, so i have time to improve my GPA before applying) also How hard is the HESI? Im horrible with math (always have been) is there much of that on their? I am good with medical vocabulary, as I had taken classes for that in high school, always did good on those tests! Any other tips or information about the nursing program at Edison specifically would be AWESOME! I am doing the best I can as a young mother in getting myself into the nursing program and in a good career for my two babies!
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