Edison State College Fall 2013

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    Is anyone applying to Edison for this fall 2013? if so how many points do you have and are you applying for day or evening?
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    Hi. I'm applying to Fall Evening for 2013. I have 91 points, a 95 overall on HESI and As in pre-reqs, although I still need A&P2 and Microbiology, which I'm taking this summer. How about you?
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    I also applied for evening Lee campus as first choice I only have 82 points though.. fingers crossed. Puppyrunner you will definitely get in with 91 points. I have a 6 month old and work full time so I scored kind of low on HESI with an 87 because I didn't study at all. I also have a C in ENC I which brought my grade point down. It kind of stinks I couldn't use my ENC II or professional writing grades which I got an A in both. I still also need to take A&P II and Microbio.
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    I applied for the evening program too, and I had 90 points. Has anyone gotten any calls yet?
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    That's too bad about having to use your ENC 1 grade But your HESI score is nice with no studying, a job and a baby...good for you!

    I found out I did make it in the Evening program!
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    They already let you know that you were accepted?
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    When did you find out? Do they let you know if you didn't make it and why?
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    A friend got word last night/this morning she was accepted into the Collier Day program, via her Edison email.
    Good Luck to everyone still waiting to hear their outcome!
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    I got a call Monday saying I got accepted to the Lee Evening Program.
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    I applied a couple years ago and didn't get accepted. They sent me an email, but didn't say why I wasn't accepted. I finished my prerequisites and retook a couple classes I got C's in and reapplied this year and got in and I think it was only a five point difference between the last time I applied and this time.