Drexel ACE Fall 2012

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    Hey guys... Just checking to see if any of you have applied for Drexel's ACE program for the Fall of 2012. I applied this past summer, and I know that they just began looking at applications October 15th!

    Has anyone checked the portal and seen a change in their status?

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    Hi! Thank you for starting this thread!! I went to an info session a few weeks ago (which I really recommend because it was so helpful, organized, and overall extremely impressive)! And they said they will start the rolling admission on November 1, 2011 for the ACE Fall of 2012 students! They also changed their pre-requisite requirement to having 9 pre requisites complete before being accepted instead of 7, like it was previously. My status has not changed but I will post when it does!! Looking at previous years allnurses threads, it seems like most people found out between early November through Thanksgiving, assuming that they applied by Oct 15!
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    Hmmm... The only courses I haven't taken are Computer Science, and Ethics.. So I would still be good in those regards correct? I know the only thing I can do is wait for a response, but I am still SO nervous. I graduated with my degree in Bio, and my GPA surely isn't reflective of my academic ability. When I was younger, I definitely played too much and wasn't too into my academics, ha! Did they mention anything about the last 60 credits? I did well in those, and in all of my prerequisites!
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    Hi! Yes you should definitely be good with only having those two classes left! You have more than 9 done and also seem to have all of your sciences done! So no worries for that! They said that you should have over a 3.0 in the last 60 credits and they really look at that, which seems like that could be great for you! Me too actually! They also recommended a 3.0 in pre requisites! They said the average gpa of acceptance is typically a 3.3 gpa (I don't think they specified but I'm assuming that's in the last 60 credits?) so I would say as long as you have above a 3.0 or above in last 60 credits and 3.0 or above in your prerequisites, then you are competitive!! I am sooo nervous as well!!! Fingers crossed for you and everyone who applied !!
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    Awesome, thanks so much for the info! I have a 3.2 in my last 60 credits, and a 3.5 in my prereq's! Definitely wishing good luck to you too! Keep me posted if you hear anything on your acceptance!
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    Thank you so much!! I will definitely keep you updated and please let me know when you hear too!! You have good stats!!! My stats are: 3.2 Undergrad Gpa. A 3.7 in my last 60 credits and 3.3 in pre requisites. Hope it all works out!!
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    Hi guys! I also applied this summer, and I'm waiting to hear back. Does anyone know what Drexel's graduation rate is? I am a little worried about it being such an accelerated program (11-12 months, right?) I am so anxious to hear back!
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    Hi! Good luck with everything!!! when I went to the information session, they were very honest about the program. They said it is definitely hard (shortest program in the country - 11 months) but they said people really work hard and can succeed in it. I believe they said the graduation rate is about 70% (but this is off the top of my head so don't quote me on that) but they said a good majority of those who didn't graduate did not do so for various reasons. They said of course there are some people who did not pass, but a lot of people had personal issues, including money. Because the program is $40000 or so and no one in the program can work because of it's full time intensity, it can be difficult for Many people to pay so they have to drop out. They also said that some people simply realize that nursing may not be for them so they choose not to complete the program. I am so anxious!! I hope we all get in!!! when I went to the information session and got to see the labs and the classrooms, I was absolutely blown away and now it raised the bar that much higher!!!
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    Hi, I also applied this fall. Good luck to everyone!!
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    Hi all!

    I am waiting also, the wait is driving me crazy! I checked today it still read the smae no decision has been made. Best Luck to all of us!


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