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Hey guys... Just checking to see if any of you have applied for Drexel's ACE program for the Fall of 2012. I applied this past summer, and I know that they just began looking at applications October... Read More

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    Thank you lindsaygags! Congratulations!!! and that's really nice to know because I applied really late too and haven't heard yet, but supposedly the program is still not full.. Maybe there's still hope for me yet!
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    Hey guys I was accepted to the program for Fall 2012, has anyone heard anything about the program in regards to alumni enjoying the program? Was the work manageable given the short time period?! Thanks for your help!
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    I received my transfer evaluation in an email and it says I still need to take three pre-req courses. I'm currently taking two of what I thought would satisfy missing requirements. Does this mean they aren't accepted those or they didn't include them since they aren't finished yet?
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    I got accepted a while back through rolling admission but I haven't taken A&P I/II yet. I planned to take it during the summer thinking that I'd be done in time for fall classes but they said they need all prerequisites done by August 1. Most summer courses don't end until August 22, does anyone know if I can get a deadline extension?
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    Also, John415, they are just waiting for you to finish them. They didn't list them for you because they are just waiting to receive your official grade (likely through a transcript) just to make sure you passed and are eligible to matriculate. Good luck!
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    Did anyone have any trouble getting community college courses accepted for transfer into the Ace program at Drexel?
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    Does anyone know if Drexel allows deferred enrollment? I've been accepted to the Fall cohort but I'm starting to think I should work longer, save $$ for the program...
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    @RL2012: yes you can defer, I did when I was accepted. Just finished the program a few weeks ago. Saving money 1st is a smart idea.
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    from MelissaMay:
    Hey everyone,

    I have been accepted to Drexel's ACE program Fall 2012. I have yet to be able to make it to an info session and I have some basic questions if anyone who has attended an info session could answer.
    2. Do we need to sign up for classes? when by? how?
    3. i read something about a PDA online, do we buy those or does the school provide?
    4. When is tuition due?
    5. What do we need to prepare for the program? (scrubs/books/etc)

    ANY good information from the info sessions is greatly appreciated... I'm really stressing out.

    My reply:
    Hey, I just finished the program a few weeks ago. The administration enrolls you in all your classes (there are no electives or anything). They'll send you info about the uniform you need to buy (don't bother buying goggles though, and I never wore my lab coat!) and books. Which are electronic,a nd outrageously expensive, and rarely used. Several folks went through the program without buying them, despite the lecture they give you in the beginning about how you really, really need them.. (They get a cut from the textbook people I think.) That's all the info I have regarding your questions. Good luck!
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    Quote from katemary
    Hey guys I was accepted to the program for Fall 2012, has anyone heard anything about the program in regards to alumni enjoying the program? Was the work manageable given the short time period?! Thanks for your help!
    I'm the most recent of alumni: just finished a few weeks ago. Was it enjoyable? Well, it's 26 credit hours (approx) every 10 weeks. It's intense. I think it might have been more enjoyable to do it slower, but you trade some of your 'joy of learning' for that incredibly quick 11 month turnaround time. You will absolutely learn what you need to know, and everyone I graduated with just passed the NCLEX in 75 questions (the minimum possible before the machine admits "you are a genius, no need to take more questions!") It IS manageable - nearly everyone makes it through, which means thousands of people have done it. It's not the most pleasurable way to learn nursing I don't think but again it's the fastest - depends what's important to you.
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    Can anyone who is currently enrolled in/recently graduated from the ACE program share any insight in regards to the following...

    -Where are classes held, which part of the city?
    -What is a typical week like, hours in class/clinicals?
    -Where are clinicals held?

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    I'm enrolled currently for Fall 2012 Ace program. Frankly, I'm a bit nervous about starting the program. All accelerated programs grant it are difficult but I heard ACE program is especially difficult. They accept over 120 students and I heard more than 30% either flunk out or due to personal reasons. I'm thinking it's very money based and they expect a majority of students to get kicked out and they just keep the money. I think majority of people who are getting the bsn for a second degree are going into this career in hopes of later on getting an msn and furthering their nursing education. I'm worried that by going into Drexel I'll mess up my gpa and not be able to specialize later on. I would like to know from someone who has graduated from Drexel's ace program about their opinion on how difficult it was and possibly share your gpa and what the average was if you know it. Please don't leave comments like well it's about how you make it and blah blah blah. We all graduated college here and so we know about hard work but also why go into a program which is especially difficult when an RN is an RN and you can go to other programs that are more realistic. Thanks
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    Hey all,

    I just wanted to hear how other people are paying for Drexel's tuition?

    As well, please let us know your stats: GPA, GRE, etc.