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Hey guys... Just checking to see if any of you have applied for Drexel's ACE program for the Fall of 2012. I applied this past summer, and I know that they just began looking at applications October... Read More

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    Sorry Stephaneph, you did give your stats, I am so nervous....

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    Shadaye, My application was complete on September 29th and I was notified of acceptance on January 5th.
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    Thanks Stephaneph, this was really a long wait. Once again congratulation and hope to meet you along with the others in the fall 2012. I am still waiting for word from them.
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    Any updates? How many students are they accepting?
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    Hey everyone,
    I was wondering what you all have done for your "Computer Techniques" or "Techniques of Speaking" course? I am baffled that I need to take a computer literacy course, and can't see myself spending the money or the time to take one. Has anyone successfully argued that they should be exempt from the course? I took a Sociological Research Methods in undergrad that used SPSS for a good chunk of the semester, and if I can write syntax programs for that software, I would think I am computer literate? I am *really* excited about my acceptance to Drexel, because Drexel Nursing grads are so well-regarded by area hospitals and have great NCLEX pass rates, but when I got my transfer credit evaluation I started feeling pretty bummed and that it would be easier to attend another program here in the city. My B.A. is from a liberal arts college, so even though I took courses with comparable/higher level content to Soc 101 and English 101, the transfer credit evaluation didn't recognize that. Do you guys have any advice or success with transfer credit wrangling of your own to report?

    Thanks!! and good luck to those of you that haven't heard yet-- I submitted my app in early October and only just heard a week ago, so don't stress too much :-)

    Also if anyone needs housing/neighborhoods advice, feel free to PM me, I moved to the city a year ago and have been loving it!
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    Congrats to you cirroculumus! I think you can do it, you can get these pre-requisites ready on time to attend Drexel. I attended the last open house session and based on their explanation, the pre-requisite requirement can only be filled with general courses, not those that speak specific to a particular disciplines, for example, Ethics for Business Managers won't be appropriate for their ethics requirement except if it speaks to health. Otherwise, something like "introduction to ethics" would be fine, because it does not speak to any particular discipline. I hope you understand what I'm talking about.

    You may try EDUKAN, (www.edukan.org) they are online and they got a session 3 for the spring that you still have a chance of getting into. For example you may wish to do English 101 in spring 3 and do the English 102 in the summer, whatever you decide. I think this is an excellent opportunity for you, don't give up so fast.

    I am still waiting for word from Drexel and so I am keeping my fingers crossed. I applied late, so I guess my wait might be long, but I am really hoping to hear from them soon, they spoke about some vaccination that needs to be done within a 6 month period so I am hoping that they take that into consideration and try to respond to applicants soon.

    Do you care to share your stats, in terms of GPA etc.

    Good luck and try to get your pre reqs together, you've crossed the biggest obstacle.
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    you know what, all my stressing was for nothing!! the folks in transfer credit evaluation quickly responded to an email i sent to them with descriptions of course i thought met/exceeded the prereqs, and then amended my transfer credit evaluation to reflect that i completed them. i was honestly surprised!

    as for your question about stats, shadaye, i've worked really hard to earn a very good gpa, i won't lie about that, but i was worried about not having any field experience compared to other applicants (especially because my undergrad degree is in the arts!). for those reasons i wanted to give the admissions committee enough information to trust that i really am passionate about nursing, so even though drexel didn't require recommendations, i sent two (got them for my other apps anyway), and i wrote the personal statement in the app even though it was also not required.

    regarding the vaccine, it is likely hep B, which most hospitals require, and if nursing school (drexel or elsewhere) is your next step, i would get started on that vaccination. from the cdc: "The vaccination schedule most often used for adults and children has been three intramuscular injections, the second and third administered 1 and 6 months after the first." it is a pretty common vaccine, i know i had it in middle school, so you may not even need to worry, but it does need to be administered with a 6 month timetable. so best of luck shadaye! i think just being genuine & hard working does shine through, so i'm crossing my fingers for you!
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    Cirroculumus that's great! Glad you got it all worked out with your pre reqs. My stats are not bad either, I have been a hard worker and a serious student. I hope they do not really place too much emphasis on experience in the field because I also have none. I think since the program is for persons with a first degree they would expect applicants from all backgrounds...I do hope.

    The wait is always a bit difficult....but I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed too...thanks and best of luck....hope to see you in the Fall.
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    hi everyone,

    i'm hoping to apply to drexel's ace program for fall 2013 and just applied to ccp to take my prereqs. i was wondering if anyone knows of the course equivalency between ccp and drexel. i contacted drexel and they did not seem to know this information and directed me to ccp but the academic adviser at ccp would not give me much information since i have not registered for the courses yet. if anyone has taken their prereqs at ccp and know which courses will fill drexel's courses, i'd very much appreciate it!! below are the prereqs i will need to complete at ccp:

    chemistry with lab (4 creds) - chem 101?
    a&p i with lab (4 creds)-
    a&p ii with lab (4 creds)
    microbio with lab (4 creds)
    ethics (3 creds)
    computer applications/public speaking/communication elective (3 creds)-- cis 103?
    human nutrition (3 creds)
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    Hi Everyone,

    I found out yesterday afternoon that I was accepted to Drexel's ACE Fall '12 program!! I'm extremely excited and can't wait to start. I was wondering if anyone know the exact start date of the program, as I have yet to receive the official letter in the mail!


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