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Hey guys... Just checking to see if any of you have applied for Drexel's ACE program for the Fall of 2012. I applied this past summer, and I know that they just began looking at applications October... Read More

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    not much has changed in the last week. My app online still says it is under review =(

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    How long after applying did you guys receive your information so you can log on and check your status?
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    Moved to PA Nursing Programs forum.
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    My app says it still is under review as well!!! I am hoping by Thanksgiving that I will hear something!

    Foxessb1- I sent my online application in on August 31st, and then received my login information on September 2nd. They email you the info in an email titled "We've received your application!" Hope this helps..
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    Hey all,

    I got my provisional acceptance to ACE towards the end of October via an email attached with a transfer credit evaluation form with the remaining pre-reqs I need to take. I never received anything in the mail, is this normal? Oh, and good luck to everyone who hasn't heard back yet!!!
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    BrownieLover- Congratulations!!!! that is so exciting!!! Is your status on discover Drexel changed to say that you are accepted? I'm not sure about the mail thing but typically they send a packet in the mail a week or two later so you may want to contact them about it. Congrats again!!!
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    Thanks LS118! The status on DD is "Thank you for applying for readmission to Drexel. If you have not done so already, please contact the academic department to which you are applying. They will make a decision regarding your readmission and notify you directly. The department's decision will not be accessible through this portal." Since Drexel was my Alma mater, I don't know if this goes for every applicant but a quick email to an advisor never hurts!
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    I'm getting worried- I applied in late july/early august, and I thought I would have heard back by now. Do you think the wait is a bad sign? I have a 3.75 in my undergrad degree, and a 3.7 in prereqs with 4.0 in the sciences i've completed.
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    Hello all, I have not yet heard back either. Do we know when we should be hearing admissions decisions for the fall 2012 start if we applied before the deadline?
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    I wouldn't be concerned on not hearing back yet... If you go through threads for previous Fall admissions, it looks like the majority of people hear back by Thanksgiving or early December. I am sure most of us will hear something within the next two weeks!!!

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