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Hey guys... Just checking to see if any of you have applied for Drexel's ACE program for the Fall of 2012. I applied this past summer, and I know that they just began looking at applications October... Read More

  1. by   pdxjenn
    My status on the drexel website has changed to this: "Thank you for your application. Your file is currently complete and under review. A decision has not yet been made regarding your admission status to Drexel University. If additional materials are required before an admission decision can be rendered, we will contact you"

    so hopefully I will hear from them soon!!
  2. by   LS118
    Hi! That's what mine says too!! Hopefully we will hear from them soon!! I wonder how many people already heard from them!
  3. by   pdxjenn
    I think they just started letting people know today so probably not that many! I hope I get in! If you guys get in will you be living on campus or off? Can you suggest any places that are nice and allow dogs?
  4. by   lmnovak3
    I don't know the exact date, but I applied at the end of August. I'm unsure what my status is on their website... I'm not really sure how to check that. But I received a package in the mail yesterday (Oct. 31st) and the letter was addressed on Oct. 26th. And yep, it's for ACE, not the four-year program!
  5. by   LS118
    Congratulations!!!! And thanks for the info pdxjenn- I hope you get in too!!! i would probably rent an apartment in center city cause the nursing school is not on the main campus in universal city. It's near race and vine i believe. Rittenhouse square is a beautiful neighborhood but it is very expensive for the most part. I know a few of those apartments allow dogs!!! A lot of college students and Grad students tend to live on Benjamin Franklin parkway which is pretty close to the school and suburban station, and the prices are usually more reasonable. I'm not sure if they allow dogs but it's definitely worth finding out!!!
  6. by   angelina726
    Congrats imnovak3!!! That is awesome, you must be SO excited... My status changed to the currently under review one, that looks like everyone else has at this point in time. Ugh, this wait is driving me CRAZY!!!
  7. by   phillies21
    what has been going on lately??? Has anyone heard back???it has been very quiet on here for the last few weeks...still waiting.
  8. by   pdxjenn
    not much has changed in the last week. My app online still says it is under review =(
  9. by   williams84
    How long after applying did you guys receive your information so you can log on and check your status?
  10. by   tnbutterfly
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  11. by   angelina726
    My app says it still is under review as well!!! I am hoping by Thanksgiving that I will hear something!

    Foxessb1- I sent my online application in on August 31st, and then received my login information on September 2nd. They email you the info in an email titled "We've received your application!" Hope this helps..
  12. by   brownielover
    Hey all,

    I got my provisional acceptance to ACE towards the end of October via an email attached with a transfer credit evaluation form with the remaining pre-reqs I need to take. I never received anything in the mail, is this normal? Oh, and good luck to everyone who hasn't heard back yet!!!
  13. by   LS118
    BrownieLover- Congratulations!!!! that is so exciting!!! Is your status on discover Drexel changed to say that you are accepted? I'm not sure about the mail thing but typically they send a packet in the mail a week or two later so you may want to contact them about it. Congrats again!!!