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  1. Can anyone tell me about the LPN to RN hybrid program at DCCC? Was the program easy or hard? Please provide as much info
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  3. by   LostMyPen,RN
    I graduated from DCCC LPN-RN in 2013. I found the coursework reasonable and appropriate. I did 1-2 12 hour clinical per week and probably dedicated 1-2 hours per non clinical day on the coursework. The hardest part was finding your own preceptor and clinical location. Hopefully they have worked the kinks out of that process and have established connections with local hospitals and nurses willing to precept. Other than that I highly recommend the program to LPNs looking to get their RN while still working.
  4. by   georgenance
    So do you think the test was pretty easy if you studied? Straight to the point? They said we only meet 3-4 times per semester. I'm thinking the test will be really hard if we only have 3-4 per semester.
  5. by   georgenance
    And thanks for the feedback. It's not a lot of information out there about this school
  6. by   LostMyPen,RN
    I'm not sure which test you're referring to. The entrance test isn't bad, unlike TEAS this test was strictly nursing questions much like NCLEX. The tests through the course were taken at home during a certain time period (test opens on Monday you have until Wednesday to take it, one hour time limit) and these were done with a camera attached by usb to your computer. The camera has a 360 view of you and your room to be sure you aren't cheating with say an open book.
  7. by   georgenance
    This program seem like its pretty laid back.
  8. by   georgenance
    Did you find that it was pretty easy if you studied?
  9. by   NurseE14
    @georgenance have you taken the TEAS test yet?