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Hi guys, just wanted to know who is thinking to apply to CSu Stanislaus for Spring 2014, application process starts September and it will be my 2nd time applying. Last spring I was #15 on the waiting... Read More

  1. by   Km1313
    Yea I asked them and they said I won't get in this semester plus they are changing the requirements for fall 2014! Crazy
  2. by   Hope709
    I am sorry u were not able to get in this semester. Did u ask if they accept alternates this semester? N what requirements did they change for fall? I am sorry I ask u a lot of questions. Thank u very much
  3. by   Km1313
    They did accept alternatives I don't know how many
    And 70% for teas and 3.0 gpa for all sections
  4. by   Hope709
    Thank you km1314
  5. by   Km1313
    Welcome did you hear from them?
  6. by   Hope709
    Nope. I don't think there is a place for me. I am thinking applying for fall. r u gonna apply for fall?
  7. by   Km1313
    Yea I will apply again for fall
  8. by   Km1313
    But of you look at nursing classes there is still 7 spots open
  9. by   Hope709
    What nursing classes?
  10. by   Km1313
    The nursing class schedule.. Did you get any call from them if your in or no?

CSU Stanislaus Spring 2014