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Hi everyone! I've been reading the posts and kept up with the forums, but I have yet to find a post specifically about CSU Chico for Spring 2014. I was wondering if anyone has applied for their... Read More

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    Congrats! They're trying to let us know sooner. Are you taking csulb first over Chico? Either way, exciting!
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    Thanks k2115. I don't know where I want to go yet. I am having a hard time weighing the options when it comes to program length and cost of living. Plus, my family is in Sac and I am worried about being frustrated that I am so far away. But, Chico is the longest program at 2.5 years
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    @NaCl Congrats on your admission to LB! I didn't know that it's a 2 year program like Sac State. I would suggest choosing Sac State to be close to home. If I was able to apply and had a chance of getting in to Sac State, I would've.
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    @k2115 You said last semesters points were the highest they have ever been. What was the cutoff?

    @AB92 LB has a semester or trimester option. So you can go for 3 years w/ summers off or 2 years w/ summers on.
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    The cutoff was 87 before alternates. Hope to see you in January!
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    I didn't want to start a new thread since there was already one, I'll ask here. For those who were accepted to the spring 2014, what was your score and do you guys know what the cut off points were? Thanks!
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    The cutoff before alternates was 87. I had 89.5. Good luck!
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    Thanks Ceci81! And good luck!

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