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Hi everyone! I've been reading the posts and kept up with the forums, but I have yet to find a post specifically about CSU Chico for Spring 2014. I was wondering if anyone has applied for their Spring 2014 program. I hadn't... Read More

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    Very true, but the point value keeps increasing. Last semester's was the highest it's ever been. I have full points for grades and teas, which puts me at 89 points. But I'm still nervous because it's getting so competitive!

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    Hey AB92, Chico is actually my last choice. I think I would take Long Beach or Sac State first, however Sac State is getting REALLY competitive and I am not so sure I will get in this Spring. Good luck to everyone!
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    Deadline is Friday!
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    Chico State is a fantastic college!! Chico is a beautiful town. I went there right out of high school and attended for 3 years pursuing a teaching credential. I chose a different career path and had to move away from Chico at 21 however, my mother loved the town so much when she came to visit me that she eventually packed up and moved there from Tracy. She has been there ever since. Good luck to those interested in Chico State. I miss it dearly!
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    @NaCl I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you'll get in the school you want. One of my friends is applying to Sac State too so if you two get in, then maybe you'll be classmates.

    @k2115 I know! I can't wait til we find out. Have you got all of your immunizations done?

    @gamerchick209 I'm from the same area as you are! And thanks for the input. I asked a couple of my friends, who currently attend Chico State, about the campus. They said they love it there. Nothing but good reviews from people I've asked.
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    I just got accepted to CSULB, but I am so anxious to find out about Chico! Do you think they will make us wait all the way until Dec 15th! That leaves no time to pack up and move!
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    Congrats! They're trying to let us know sooner. Are you taking csulb first over Chico? Either way, exciting!
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    Thanks k2115. I don't know where I want to go yet. I am having a hard time weighing the options when it comes to program length and cost of living. Plus, my family is in Sac and I am worried about being frustrated that I am so far away. But, Chico is the longest program at 2.5 years
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    @NaCl Congrats on your admission to LB! I didn't know that it's a 2 year program like Sac State. I would suggest choosing Sac State to be close to home. If I was able to apply and had a chance of getting in to Sac State, I would've.
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    @k2115 You said last semesters points were the highest they have ever been. What was the cutoff?

    @AB92 LB has a semester or trimester option. So you can go for 3 years w/ summers off or 2 years w/ summers on.

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