Collin College Summer ADN 2017/Fall 2017

  1. Hello! This topic is for anyone interested in Collin College Summer ADN Program 2017/Fall 2017
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  3. by   gmartin2321
    PSB dates for Summer ADN 2017/Fall 2017 are up and the test is now computerized!
  4. by   Silverdragon102
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  5. by   Abby21
    Hello! I will be reapplying this summer I recently applied for spring but was not accepted! I have 36 points but plan on retaking the psb exam!
  6. by   shweta rauniyar
    Hi all!! I will apply for the spring as I did not get accepted. The test has changed as now to online test. which is good I guess. we will get the result instantly now
  7. by   DCTrammel
    They commented several times that we were selected because of our reading scores on the PSB. I did not ask how everyone did or how many points they had to get in. I really suggest nailing the reading portion of the test. Good luck!
  8. by   gmartin2321
    Good luck everyone!
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  9. by   gmartin2321
    Good luck! Please keep us posted on the new PSB test format
  10. by   Lynn70
    I've been a lurker on here for two years and I am FINALLY applying to this program! I am so excited! Good luck everyone!!!
  11. by   e.amberly
    Hello! I am also applying for Summer 2017 admission! I keep hearing about a point system but when I spoke to admissions they said they are trying to steer away from points. I have all A's in my prereqs but need to take the PSB. Can ya'll tell me what the old point system was like? I'd like to calculate mine just to know. Also, do you get your PSB scores the same day you take the exam? I'll be taking mine very soon!!
  12. by   e.amberly
    Where do you find the dates? I cannot find them online.
  13. by   HKC1103
    Just dropped off my application today. Good luck guys
  14. by   lindseynelson724
    Yes, you get your PSB score as soon as you are done. The website says to be sure that you ask for your score before you leave.