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  1. by   emroller
    Hi guys! I seem to have misplaced my flash drive and I'm wondering if anyone would mind sending me the terms for the first test? Thanks so much in advance... getting excited for our first week!
  2. by   Jocelyn517
    I sent it
  3. by   mak_311
    Hi! My name is Matty. I'll be in the program Spring 2017 and just now made an account but have been following this thread since the application cycle.

    Is anyone alse kind of confused as to what our schedule is going to be? It appears that we will have lab every day, in which case we will need to wear our scrubs to lecture. What would be the point in wearing regular clothes then? I really hope they send out an email telling us what to do/wear/ where to go!
  4. by   DCTrammel
    I am hoping the first day is orientation and they go over everything with us. I am confused because it says I don't start class on Thursday until 11 but I thought we had class from 8:30 to 3:30 M-R
  5. by   Jocelyn517
    Just got an email on where to go and what to wear on the first day. I am relieved that they will be orienting us which is kind of what I definitely super anxious to get the first day over with. It's stressful not knowing what to expect and what is really expected of us. I did speak with the recruiter a few days ago and we have to wear scrubs in the top and bottom lab, collin scrubs if we are going to be recorded. But first day is "come as you are". Also I know there is going to be a different schedule the first 2 weeks.its in the usb on the orientation powerpoint. Its still a bit confusing but im sure all will be explained in depth the first day.i canr wait to meet everyone and get started!
  6. by   teerod
    Looking at these posts for last year and see I'm in the same boat as you this year. I'm on the waitlist. Can you tell me how you were notified you got in?
  7. by   Jocelyn517
    Hi!! I just saw this. I was notified a week later with a phone call from the recruiter.