College of the Sequoias (COS) -Visalia Nursing applicants, Spring 2014

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    Just applied to COS for Spring 2014. Is their anyone else out there who also has?

    This is the second semester where they are using their new admission procedures, which is based off a points system? Had some friends last semester who applied, 75 points seemed to get you in, and around 65 points got another friend wait-listed. Since this is only the second semester in which they are using this system, I wonder how the points for admission will vary.

    Personally I had 70 points, & I'm just trying to get a feel for the competition, so if anyone else wants to share, while we eagerly await admission notifications, it could be fun.


    (I had posted a previous topic but with wrong semester)
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    Hi @heatherruiz! I did not apply for Spring '14 semester, but I did apply for Fall '13 and I will be starting the program in August! I got in having a 55 (I think, it may be a little higher?) in point value system. I think they really look at each student as a whole, as I do have a BS in Kinesiology, lots of work experience, and great letters of recommendation. The areas I was lacking was the GPA and TEAS exam (I am a horrible test taker). I really loved that they changed it to a point system, because just because a person doesn't have an amazing GPA doesn't mean they're not going to be a hard worker, and/or a great nurse. As long as you look well-rounded to them (which it seems like you are with a 75 point value) I think they will consider you for the program! Good luck!!
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    @jgibson Thank You very much for your input. & Congradulations to you on getting in! I'm glad too that they changed to a points system, it does consider the student as a whole. & while I don't have any experience, I made sure to excel in GPA and the TEAS (4.0 gpa in the 3 Bios & an 81% TEAS). I hope this is enough to get me. Thanks Again!
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    @Heatherruiz I applied for the Spring 14 Nursing Program at COS as well. I had a cumulative point score of 65...I didn't have any work experience, healthcare related education or the 18 credits from COS. I did have a BA, a 4.0 in the science reqs and a 93% on the TEAS. I've been anxiously awaiting to hear from them!
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    FYI I got in with my 70 points seat #14
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    @Heatherruiz Congrats on getting accepted! I just applied for the Fall 14 program at COS, with around 70 points. Not sure what my chances are, I had a 4.0 in pre-reqs & 75 on the TEAS.
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    @elizabethalonso89 I applied for Fall 14 as well. I too had around 70 points. Perhaps 68. Good luck! Do you know when we find out?
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    @vperaza I was told in April by the nursing counselor. Good luck to you too!! Hope this wait goes by fast
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    @elizabethalonso89 when are we supposed to hear from COS?
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    when are we supposed to hear something from COS?

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