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  1. 0 Has anyone successfully go from LPN to RN with TCN and like it?
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    Has anyone went from LPN to RN using the college network successfully and like it?
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    Google this publishing company. This is not a school or degree granting institution. They are neither affiliated with nor recommended by Excelsior College, though some of the less scrupulous reps will imply otherwise. The loan/payment plan is not a student loan but a private loan issued by a TCN affiliated company and therefore is not subject to federal law regarding interest, deferment or graduated repayment schedules.

    You must be a self-motivated independent learner to be successful but that holds true for any student in an online or distance education program.

    Some people who choose to pay the additional costs of TCN (which can add thousands to the non-included college tuition, fees, enrollment costs etc) are very successful. Others are not. Only you can decide if this is a worthwhile service. TCN creates and publishes customized study guides to help one prepare for CLEP exams and nursing exams.

    Other students choose to avail themselves of the resources and guides provided by the school directly or guides from the College Board (the creators of CLEP exams and also the SATs and ACT)

    It is truly a personal choice.
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    Thank you!
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    There's an online program that cost like $20 a month with study cards for all Clep and Dante's exams. I was able to test out of 3 courses. It's a lot cheaper
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    What's it called?
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    I went through another publishing company, and wish I hadn't. I didn't realize it wasn't required to study and pass the tests. I went by the free content outline that EC gives you and made sure I covered everything on them. I was successful! About to start grad school!
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    It's called Instantcert Academy@