college of the mainland fall 2013

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    Anyone applied to COM for fall 2013?
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    Yes I applied this week.
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    Great me too! Do you know how many applicants they have?
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    No, im dying to know many points do you have? Is this your first time applying?
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    When I was broswing the older message boards Fall 2012 had been pretty active, I was hoping the same for this one!
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    Yes this is my first time applying. When I was there Wednesday they had 58 applicants. I will call today before 5 and see where we stand. It's still pretty early so hopefully more people will join this group. And 110 what about you?
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    101, I am at the cusp.. I dont have many classes until after summer
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    We should be fine! Did they tell you when they would send out acceptance letters?
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    I hope so... She said about 10=14 days! Fingers crossed!
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    Hey all,
    I applied May 17 and I made it in right before the application period closed. I have about 120 points so Im hoping I get in. Good Luck to you all!