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    Do you know how many applicants they had when you turn in your application?

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    Did you call them?
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    Hello! I applied as well but I only have 98 points! That makes me extra nervous now!
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    Enjoy your weekend you guys and Happy Memorial Day to you all! I was told the end of this month or the beginning of June so as it approaches the more excited I get! We got this!
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    Quote from Meganrv
    Hello! I applied as well but I only have 98 points! That makes me extra nervous now!
    Nothing to worry about! You got this!
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    Quote from texansandnursing
    Nothing to worry about! You got this!
    Thanks!! I hope so!
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    1 week down everyone!
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    hey y'all,

    I am in the class that was accepted in Fall 2012. I received my acceptance letter 6 days after the end of the application period. There will be a list of immunizations you will need, titers, CPR certification, background check, and drug test registration and some of those are time consuming/ time sensitive. Make sure you do them EARLY, if you titer negative you'll have to get a booster vaccination, and titer again 6 weeks later. You'll get information about that with the acceptance letter.

    Good luck to everyone.
    I hope to see you all at orientation in August!
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    THANK YOU for the heads up!! IF chose an "top alternate/alternate" about how long does is take for you to hear anything? I am just antsy and trying to think of all the outcomes!
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    I completely understand. I hated not knowing and just "waiting". After the letter of intent due date is when they'll start calling alternates, usually 2 weeks or so, maybe a bit longer.

    Feel free to ask me any questions!

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