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  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has applied to Regis University's Accelerated BSN Program in Colorado and got accepted alternate? Has anyone who was an alternate gotten accepted? How long did it take to find out that there was an open spot? Does anyone know how often alternates are offered spots? I've heard of alternates who applied to the traditional BSN program at Regis who have been offered spots, but I'm wondering about the accelerated program. Thanks!!!
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  3. by   Xtina2010

    Congrats on being accepted alternate! When the director spoke to us at the interview day, she said that they never really know how many alternates will get spots, but in the last cohert they took 15 alternates! Pretty good odds for a class of 45! If i were you, I might call Carrie Holloran and see what number you are on the waiting list. Good luck!..maybe we will be classmates in May!
  4. by   Nursing237
    Thanks for the reply! How did you hear about 15 alternates getting offered spots in the last cohert? Was that for the January 2009 or May 2009 start because there are more seats for the January start? It sounds like you got accepted! Congratulations! Yes, I'm very nervous because I really want to get started but I don't know when a spot will be offered (if it will be). I had a plan for what I'd do if I were to get accepted or rejected. However, now I'm right in between and it makes planning for 2010 harder. Nevertheless, I still feel very lucky to be in this position Carrie told me that people on the alternate list do not have numbers. When a spot opens up, they look at the alternate list and find the most suitable person from the list. Wish me good luck!!!
  5. by   Xtina2010
    After my interview, there was a meeting for all the interviewees to attend where the program director spoke and answered questions regarding the program. I am not sure whether she was talking about the Jan or May cohert, but basically she emphasized that there is really no way for them to know how many people will give up their spots. I should get my letter soon (I found out through webadvisor), and when I get it I will let you know what the day is that we have to let them know if we want our spot. Where else are you looking?
  6. by   Nursing237
    Sounds good, thanks! I only applied to Regis this year, because I didn't have all my prerequisite classes done before I could apply to other schools. If I do not get offered a spot, I am also looking to apply at CU and Metro next year. Where else did you apply this year? What did you feel made your application strong for Regis? I'm thinking that maybe I didn't do as well as I thought during my interview. I thought I did good, but after leaving the interview, I realized that I left some things out that I had really wanted to include. However, it was a great learning experience for me. How did your interview go?
  7. by   Xtina2010
    I also applied to CU, University of Rochester, and Western Univ. of Health Sciences, but i won't hear from any of them for a while. It will probably be between Regis and Rochester, but we will see!

    Anyways, as far as the interview, I was really happy with it. I just tried to emphasis my passion and desire to become a nurse and talked about why I would be a good nursing student (i.e. past experiences). The interviewer was super nice, and I just tried to think of it as a causal conversation more than an interview.

    What do I think made me a strong candidate? I'm assuming good grades helped. I also had hospital and international volunteer experience. It really seems like they look at the whole person, so I think the interview was important.

    Hope that helps!