Choosing between UCLA Mecn and CSUN ABSN

  1. Everyone. Just got accepted by ucla mecn and csun absn programs. I have one masters degree in other field. Nursing is a brand new field for me and I am at the stage of changing career.

    I am debating to choose which school now. I don't have any nursing experience. I know ucla mecn allows you to have msn without specialty options but CNL. I was told that the first few years after graduation, it makes no difference between direct entry msn and BSNs. However, I wonder if the name of ucla will help me find the first job after mecn program. I was also told that direct entry msn without nurising experience might have difficulty to get their first jobs after the program.

    I also concern about the future promotion if I pursue absn. I wonder if the masters degree in another filed I possess can help me be promoted as management or other special units? Or I need to have a msn to get promoted to management ?

    I also consider the affordability of tuition fees. Csun is much cheaper tuition fees. But is that worthy to go to ucla mecn program with more students loans than csun absn?

    Thank you
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  3. by   PrevHealthNurse

    I am in the same boat. I'd rather go to UCLA, the only thing that is weighing on me is the pricetag. Did you choose yet?