Chances of getting into University of Michigan or Michigan State's 2nd degree program

  1. I am applying to MSU and UM's 2nd degree accelerated program for 2014. I was wondering, from those of you who have been accepted to either program in the last few years, what was your gpa and experience level like?

    I went to MSU for for a few years and had applied to their traditional program with a cumulative gpa of 3.4 and was rejected twice. I had about the same gpa in my nursing pre-reqs. I then graduated from another college with a bachelor of science in business with a cumulative gpa of a 3.55.

    I have had past experience volunteering in the PACU for one summer, but that was 4 years ago. I am in the process of starting to volunteer at a local blood center. I have also spent 5 years working as a pharmacy tech in a retail pharmacy and 1 year working as a veterinary assistant.

    I would appreciate any thoughts about how you view my chances of getting into either MSU or UM's program. UM's avg entrance gpa for the accelerated program is a 3.4, and MSU's is a 3.6.

    Thank you to anyone who is able to help!
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  3. by   nkw05
    I am also applying to U of M accelerated program for 2014. I also am curious about my competitiveness as an applicant and what information other people can give about this program! I go to MSU right now and I'm graduating in May with a BS in Human Biology, so moving to Ann Arbor would be a nice change if I get in!
  4. by   sarahz21
    Hello! I am looking at MSU, UofM, and UofM Flint's programs. I was a pre-nursing student at LCC and graduated with my bachelors in Health Administration from EMU with a 3.49 GPA. My current pre-req GPA is around a 3.4-3.5 but I still need to take 3 science courses... and I may retake Anatomy, where I got a 2.5 in .... Does anyone know the rules on re-takes and withdrawals??? I ask because I have a few from anatomy and microbiology when I first started taking classes at LCC about 3-4 years ago.

    Good luck to evereyone applying this year for 2014!! I'm hoping to be able to apply for the 2015 program start!! Thank you for any and all advice!
  5. by   Jane1117
    I don't know the rules for msu or uofm Flint, but uofm Ann Arbor will average the two courses of the class that was retaken. So if you got a 2.5 in anatomy the first time and a 3.0 the second time you now have a 2.75 for anatomy.
  6. by   Jane1117
    I don't think uofm Ann Arbor counts withdrawals against you as long as the school you took it at doesn't.
  7. by   Jane1117
    I heard from MSU today and got in! Still waiting to hear from UofM though.
  8. by   nkw05
    Congrats!! That's awesome!!!! Is one your first choice over the other?
  9. by   Jane1117
    Michigan is actually my first choice so I'll wait and see what happens.
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  11. by   Emfield
    I was accepted into MSU for May 2014 start (I received my letter on 1/18 and it was dated 1/17) with a 3.86 GPA overall and a 3.6 GPA in pre-reqs. The letter arrived in a large 9 x 12 envelope. I have a bachelor in Healthcare Administration and a Masters in Healthcare Management.

    I wanted to apply to U of M as well, but one of my pre-reqs was just outside their allowed time.
  12. by   Jane1117
    Congrats emfield!