BMCC Spring 2018 Hopefuls!!

  1. Hello fellow applicants! I couldn't find a thread for the Spring 2018 hopefuls so I figured I would start one.

    Anyone else take the Kaplan today and totally hate the Science and Writing sections? Those were easily some of the trickiest questions I've ever seen.

    Backgroind info for me - I'm applying for the evening program. I have a 4.0 overall and got a 90 on today's Kaplan. Fingers crossed that's good enough and I'll get the coveted call from Sierra.

    How are the rest of you feeling?
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  3. by   dpers
    You'll certainly get in with those numbers. Granted, the evening program is a bit more competitive, but very few people apply with 4.0s and even fewer score in the 90s on the Kaplan. No need to be nervous.

    I applied for the day program. 3.78 Prereq and 92% kaplan. I only have a 3.4 overall but from what I understand that is not a huge factor in their decision.

    Good luck, keep us posted.
  4. by   Shan1026
    Those are really good scores and GPAs. I have a 3.9 overall and got a 79% on Kaplan, hope that's good enough. Good luck!
  5. by   Jengem55
    Hello all BMCC fellows,

    You guys did a really good Job!!! Definitely no problem of getting in the program. Look likes this year many applicants get a good grade too!!

    I took the kaplan on 12/5/17. People all looked prepared and anxious about the text LOL
    I am apply for the evening class for spring 2018.
    My GPA is the 7 pre-requisite classes is 3.67 and overall Kaplan score is 76%.
    I am suprised by how tricky the physiology section was... The questions looks board but actually ask very specific detail. I spent the most of my study time on it, however, still got the lowesr score from the scienece section....

    From what I've told my by nursing advisor Mr. Sierra, he said for spring 2018, they no long keep sits for 1199 union member, so thats mean the sit is going to increase by 5 more, from 22 to 27 for the evening section!!! And seems like day time section is more competitive than evening section. They day time program is at leat 3 times more applicants than the evening one...
    For your information, the lowest combined overral scores( pre-req GPA and Kaplan scores for the accepted students from last semester fall 2017, day time section is 84.5 and 82.5 for evening section. I already nervous about the last section waiting section.... Hopefully I will get a call from Mr. Sierra
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  6. by   Manveer Kaur
    Hello all, I took the Kaplan on Nov.28th and got an 89%. My GPA is 3.9. Now, we wait...Hopefully we will get that call. I wish you all good luck and thanks for starting this thread.