APU ELM Spring 2018

  1. Hi Everyone!

    I was wondering if any other aspiring future nurses out there are applying to Azusa Pacific's Entry-Level Masters program for spring 2018. I applied a couple of weeks ago and it would be awesome to chat with others who are in the same boat. I've been an avid reader on this site for a very long time and this is my first post.
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  3. by   mcoc18
    Hi vetech2rn!

    I'm also applying to APU's ELM program for Spring 2018 as well. I'm just waiting on my recommendation forms and transcripts to be sent and I'll be all set! Which campus are you applying to?

    PS... I've also been an avid reader to this site for a while now and I'm so excited (and anxious) to finally be applying and being on this end!
  4. by   vetech2rn
    Hi mcoc18! I'm only applying to the main campus due to financial reasons which I know lessens my chances quite a bit. :/ From reading past forums it seems that a lot of people get admitted to the IE campus one term later than they applied. I'm hoping the two A+ I got in anatomy and physio balance out some of the B's and C's I got in my undergrad years ago (GPA 3.5 total). So far I got an email asking me activate my APU account so no rejection letter yet :P I figure it is in the Lord's hands now. Which campus are you applying to?
  5. by   mellie123
    Hi guys! I was hoping someone would start a forum for Spring 2018 applicants! I submitted my application for Azusa mid January, but my references didn't submit their forms until end of this month so I'm hoping I'm not too late. Has anyone actually called or emailed you about missing items from your application? I got a call last week from the program rep. asking about my application. I was hoping it meant that maybe there weren't a lot of applicants this term and they needed more!
  6. by   vetech2rn
    Hi Moemoea_ARNP !

    If they reached out to you regarding your application, I think that is a good sign I got a voicemail from someone from APU yesterday saying that they were going to be contacting me again soon to try to schedule an interview in the next couple of weeks. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to call back, but I did and left a message anyways saying I got the call. Which campuses are you applying to? And good luck - I hope you hear from them again soon!
  7. by   mellie123
    I hope so! When was your application completed? Hopefully more applicants stumble upon this forum so we can keep each other updated. Please keep me updated on your process and I will do the same I am applying to Azusa campus, but I told the program rep I would also be open to Monrovia and San Diego.
  8. by   elijah323
    Hello all,

    I have also applied to the ELM program for Spring 2018. I received a call last week for an interview and just completed my interview yesterday. I'm applying to the main campus.
  9. by   mellie123
    Hello Elijah! When did you turn in your application? Did they explain the point system to you? I've seen it briefly mentioned in previous threads but no one had a concrete answer. Good luck!
  10. by   vetech2rn
    Congrats elijah323! That was super quick that you already completed the interview! I really wish I hadn't missed their call yesterday. I'm hoping they call back soon. Good luck and keep us updated!

    Moemoea_ARNP I submitted my application around January 12th I think so it was pretty early on. I was stressing to get everything in soon because I'm taking biochem now and didn't want to worry about it haha I hope you get a call soon!
  11. by   mcoc18
    Hi elijah323! Wow that was really quick. When did you submit your application? Keep us updated on your status!

    My last recommendation form was just submitted this week so I'm praying for a call for an interview soon! I'm applying to the Inland Empire campus but I'm also open to the main and San Diego campuses as well. What was everyone's undergrad GPAs (if you guys don't mind me asking)?
  12. by   elijah323
    I turned in my application pretty early actually. I think mid-January. My interviewer did have a sheet of paper with what looked like a point system but she didn't show it to me. When I asked what my score was she said that the score is internal information and that it isn't given out. She did mention to me though that I received max points for GPA's. There were two categories of GPA - science and cumulative. The GPA seemed like just a part of the point system though. It looked like there was a long list of things being tallied for points. Hope this helps!

    Thank you and good luck to everyone!
    She said decisions will be sent out mid-May so now it's just a waiting game.

    I also still have one class to take (biochemistry) but since this is the only program I applied to that requires me to take it, I'm waiting until the summer to see if I get accepted before I enroll for the class.
  13. by   mellie123
    Mcoc18, I'm in the same boat as you with turning in the application right before the deadline. I hope we don't have to wait too long for them to review our applications!
  14. by   mb1313
    Hi all,
    I turned my application in pretty last minute, I don't think it was complete with all my letters of recommendation until February 28th. I was pleasantly surprised when I received a call today, March 3rd, to schedule an interview at the San Diego campus for later this month. Doesn't seem like it was too much of a problem submitting my application right before the deadline. Good luck to everyone!