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Good morning! Has anyone heard back from Azusa Pacific for the Fall 2017 ELM program? Thank you and have a wonderful thanksgiving holiday :)... Read More

  1. by   Jeabug13
    @futurenursejay11 did you apply for Inland Empire campus? Did you have an interview?
  2. by   Futurenursejay11
    I applied for main campus and I did not receive an interview.
  3. by   wanjira13
    I just got a call for acceptance. I'm excited , however I was accepted for spring '18 even though I applied for fall '17. Good luck to everyone.
  4. by   rpas92
    @wanjira13 Congrats!! Which campus did you apply to??
  5. by   wanjira13
    I applied to main campus but i was open to go to IE or SD in fall 17. I got acceptance to the IE campus.
  6. by   RICHARDS
    So given the timeline, we should be receiving letters this week or early next??? I applied for main campus and interviewed December 8th. I have not seen anything in the mail yet. Excited to know soon!
  7. by   rpas92
    I emailed a representative yesterday and he informed me that my decision was mailed last week. I haven't received anything in the mail, but I don't think I got in. On past forums, including this one, I've read that most students have gotten phone calls informing them of their acceptance. It's a little bit disheartening, but I'm still trying to hold on to that little bit of hope!
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  8. by   RICHARDS
    Okay good information, thanks! It seems that most people who received calls were for acceptances other than their preference on the application. I will just keep praying about it since I know God has called me into the medical field!
  9. by   rpas92
    I couldn't agree w/ you more! I pray about this everyday, but I've come to accept that if the opportunity doesn't arise at Azusa, there are other campuses out there! It's all in His hands. <3
  10. by   Lexi93
    Hello everyone!

    I received my phone call today stating I was admitted to the IERC ELM program in Spring of 2018! I applied for main campus Fall 2017, but regardless, I am so excited!! I look forward to meeting those of you who will be my cohorts!

  11. by   wanjira13
  12. by   rpas92
    @Lexi93 Congrats, Lexi!!!!!!!
  13. by   Jeabug13
    I received an acceptance email on Tuesday for the IE campus Fall 17. I am very excited, this is such a blessing. Really nervous income wise but I am sure God will guide me.